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The History program at Savannah State University

Program Description

The history program at Savannah State University offers a group of highly qualified faculty specialized in the wide range of history fields. With this broad array of faculty's specialization and knowledge, the history program provides numerous history courses designed to meet the needs and interests of the students. There are six major fields of history in the program: American, African American, European, African, Asian, and Latino. With this diversity of history fields being offered and also the varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the faculties, which is one of the most highlighted characteristics and strengths of the SSU history program, the students are expected to grasp balanced and international perspectives and understandings of the human past experiences.


This history program at Savannah State University is designed to provide students with an opportunity to acquire a solid foundation of knowledge as it relates to the human past. This is done through a variety of classes taught by a highly qualified faculty whose areas of specialization include African, African-American, Asian, European, Latin American, and United States history. The program prepares graduates for careers in teaching, public service, graduate school and law school. History graduates are trained in critical thinking, analytical research and writing skills which apply to career endeavors.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts

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