Master of Science
in Urban Studies
and Planning

About Us

The 2013 Urban Planning Conference at Savannah State University campus

Mission Statement

The Master of Science in Urban Studies and Planning Program (MSUSP) is committed to preparing graduate students with the knowledge and applied skill-base necessary to excel in the urban studies and planning field. Faculty members offer a curriculum that cultivates engaged learning to provide students with the knowledge of the city and its regional context as well as an understanding of the history and theory of planning; to help student develop the planning skills to perform specific tasks required in the practice of planning; to help students apply statistical and Geographic Information Systems, as well as other analytical techniques, to define planning problems, generate alternatives and evaluate their consequences; and to encourage students to communicate effectively in writing, through public speaking, and by expressing concepts in visual terms.


Dr. Deden Rukmana

Associate Professor and Coordinator

Urban Studies and Planning Program
Social Sciences Building, Room 214

Telephone: 912-358-3218
3219 College St.
Savannah, GA 31404