Course Listings

COMM 1000 Mass Communications Colloquium (2 credits)

This course is for entering freshmen who have indicated an initial interest in the mass communications curriculum. It is a two-hours a week course (four hours in a mini-semester) that provides students with freshman experience content and an introduction to the mass communications major. The course affords Department of Mass Communications' faculty opportunities to engage freshmen majors and guide them in curriculum/academic concentration areas at an early time in their matriculation.

COMM 2101 Writing for Digital Media (3 credits)

This is a lecture and laboratory course which introduces students to the fundamentals of writing news for online, print/broadcast media, and writing public relations copy for similar forms.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102.

COMM 2105 Mass Media and Society (3 credits)

This is a general examination of the foundation, organization, control, and current media status. Economic and social impacts of media (radio, television, newspapers, books, magazines, and comics) are surveyed. Broad comparisons of the American media system with global media systems are included as well as an analysis of digital technology use, and who this technology has changed the operations of media systems.

COMM 2106 African Americans in the Media (3 credits)

A survey of the history, contributions, representations, and portrayal of African Americans and other minorities in the media. An assessment is made of the impact of such portrayal on social, political, and cultural interactions.

COMM 2107 Women in the Media (3 credits)

The course explores and analyzes the unique experience of women in the United States and around the world as portrayed in and stereotyped by the media in history - and in the modern and postmodern world. It also examines women's role as active participants - journalists, editors, producers, directors, public relations and advertising professionals - inside the media. The course looks to the future and the impact of women's image on self and society's understanding of gender roles.

COMM 3101 Media Arts & Design (3 credits)

The course develops basic skills in graphics online technology, print, and video. The course introduces students to the practice of image making and new technologies. It includes layout, page design, and other graphics elements necessary for public relations and advertising campaigns.

COMM 3102 Photojournalism (3 credits)

The course provided instruction in taking pictures and images for multi-media platforms and use of state-of-the-art software. A digital camera is required.

COMM 3105 News Writing and Reporting (3 credits)

The course is a continuation of COMM 2101 with emphasis on writing for print and online digital media. It introduces students to the fundamentals of news judgment, reporting, and writing in a changing news environment. Heavy emphasis will be placed on ethics and use of information from the Internet. The course also stresses the importance of attribution, news judgment, and accuracy in a 24-hour news cycle.

Prerequisites: COMM 2101

COMM 3110 Multimedia Publishing (3 credits)

This course is an in-depth, hands-on application of multimedia publishing and production.

COMM 3120 Introduction to Communications Theory (3 credits)

The course is an overview of the major concepts and applications of human communications theories. While interpersonal and intercultural communications will be examined, applications of the theories and concepts in mass media will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: Completion of AREA F in the mass communications core curriculum.

COMM 3130 History of Journalism (3 credits)

The course is an historical survey of the principal developments in journalism from the eighteenth century through the twenty-first centuries.

COMM 3201 Feature Writing (3 credits)

The course is designed to further develop a student's skills in researching, organizing, and writing news features and human interest stories.

Prerequisites: COMM 3105

COMM 3301 Introduction to Video Production (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the disciplines and techniques involved in video production for broadcast and multimedia formats. It will also give students a basic operating knowledge of the digital technology and terminology used in the production of video and multimedia programs.

Prerequisites: COMM 2105

COMM 3302 Speech for Multi-Media (3 credits)

The course is designed to teach basic techniques of broadcast performance with emphasis in news casting, commercial performance, and interviewing skills. It stresses performance training for traditional broadcast and digital media. Online multi-media formats are examined and practically applied in the course.

Prerequisites: HUMN 1201

COMM 3303 Scriptwriting for Multimedia (3 credits)

The course provides practical experience in writing various forms used in video, social media, new media, and gives students exposure to the needs of diverse audiences through professional multimedia production techniques.

Prerequisites: COMM 2101 and COMM 3301

COMM 3306 Introduction to Audio Production (3 credits)

The course is an introduction to the audio techniques utilized in professional multimedia with appropriate audio software and technology.

Prerequisites: COMM 3303

COMM 3401 Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising (3 credits)

The course is an introduction to the role of public relations and advertising in society. It examines how "publics" and markets are determined and targeted, different types of public relations fields, use of public relations in image packaging, use of advertising in selling goods/services, and the relationship of advertising agencies to advertisers and multimedia.

Prerequisites: COMM 2101 and COMM 3110

COMM 3402 Advertising Media Sales and Purchases (3 credits)

The course is an analysis of major media sales practices, including organization and preparation of audio, newspaper, video, multimedia, or magazine presentations for advertising clients. It also stresses introduction to common media sales, terminologies, data collection, calculations/tools, including rate cards.

COMM 4101 Strategic Writing in PR & Advertising (3 credits)

The course emphasizes principles and practices of researching, planning, writing and delivering effective and strategic PR and advertising messages for various media platforms.

Prerequisites: COMM 3401

COMM 4105 Editorial Writing (3 credits)

This course stresses conceptualizing, researching, and writing effective editorial for multimedia platforms and online.

Prerequisites: COMM 3105

COMM 4106 Communications Practicum (3 credits)

This course is an intensive field and laboratory practice on video, audio, print/online projects under faculty supervision.

Prerequisites: Candidate for graduation and permission of the instructor.

COMM 4107 Advanced Video and Post Production (3 credits)

The course is a continuation of COMM 3301 and is designed to provide students with an advanced working knowledge of the disciplines and techniques involved in video production for broadcast and multimedia applications. It also tests the students' basic operating knowledge of the terminology and digital technology used in video programs production. Through utilization of several dynamic and creative production projects, students will demonstrate skills learned in the basic course and employ new skills to successfully complete advanced course projects.

Prerequisites: COMM 3301

COMM 4110 Advanced Audio Production (3 credits)

This course builds on what was taught in COMM 3306, and gives advanced instruction in audio production including directing, programming, equipment/audio software, and uses of audio in multimedia platforms.

Prerequisites: COMM 3301 and COMM 3306

COMM 4115 Independent Study (3 credits)

This is a course designed for directed individual work under the guidance of various faculty members.

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor

COMM 4170 Advanced Writing and Reporting (3 credits)

This course is a continuation of COMM 3105 with emphasis on writing for print and online media, including newspapers/magazines, in traditional and digital formats. It prepares students to become proficient in developing a "beat" and to generate story ideas from a particular coverage area. Additionally, students will develop portfolios they can utilize in future job searches, and create weekly online content and blogs.

Prerequisites: COMM 3305

COMM 4201 Copy Writing (3 credits)

The course is designed to give students training in the theory and practice of copy editing and headline writing. Students will utilize online content, copy from online services, local news copy, and how to edit for multimedia platforms.

Prerequisites: COMM 3105

COMM 4211 Newspaper Production (3 credits)

The course involves copy editing, headline writing, and newspaper layout in the current online multimedia platforms of the modern digital methods used in newspaper production and dissemination.

Prerequisites: Approval of the instructor.

COMM 4300 Global Comparative Media (3 credits)

From a foundation of historical, cultural, and practical realities driving media in the developing world as well as the United States, the course will pursue the differences between American media, various European versions, and the more unfamiliar nations and cultures through readings, lectures, video examples, and research. Under regular scrutiny will be the degree to which Western approaches to media are meaningful and appropriate to developing nations. Research will then expand to examine how journalism and media differ across the world - how journalists approach a subject differently, how their efforts are manipulated by governments and influential, and whether specific forms of media have the necessary market support for success.

Prerequisites: Senior standing or permission of the instructor.

COMM 4402 Strategic Campaign Principles (3 credits)

This course is an analysis of strategic and multimedia campaigns that reflects an integrated marketing communication approach incorporating public relations and advertising tactics, research, planning, implementation and evaluation of various goal-oriented messages.

Prerequisites: COMM 3401 and COMM 4101

COMM 4406 Strategic Campaign Production (3 credits)

This is an intensive hands-on course that stresses production of a professional strategic and multimedia public relations and/or advertising materials preapproved or specified by the instructor. Students work in groups, but meet as a class with instructor for critiques. It also focuses on products that meet professional standards in content, style, quality, and shows evidence of an integrated marketing communications approach.

Prerequisites: COMM 3401 and COMM 4101

COMM 4705 Media Ethics & the Law (3 credits)

This course addresses the complex ethical and legal issues involving the media, including the evolution of ethical thought and the concepts of freedom of speech, press, libel, copyright, and privacy.

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior Standing

COMM 4810 Introduction to Communications Research (3 credits)

This course is an introduction to social science research concepts and techniques in the study of the mass media. It involves a survey of quantitative research methods in media situations and media rating services.

Prerequisites: COMM 2105, ENGL 1102, and Math 1111

COMM 4815 The Documentary (3 credits)

This course is a survey and analysis of the documentary format employed in video and online productions from the 1980's through the present. Students will employ the knowledge and skills with multimedia production learned in COMM 4107, and will use digital technology to prepare and produce a full length mini-documentary and a short narrative profile project.

Prerequisites: COMM 4107

COMM 4902 Professional Media Internship (3 credits)

This course is only open to juniors and seniors majoring in mass communications at Savannah State University. Students work with various professional media in Savannah and other areas.

Prerequisites: Candidate for graduation and permission of instructor.