Department of Fine Arts, Humanities, & Wellness


The Department of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Wellness offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on the holistic development and growth of the conscientious learner. By fostering creative expression and performance, critical thinking, and communication, philosophical reflection, ethical responsibility, and practices of healthful living, our department facilitates learning environments that prepare students for an authentic application of artistic, civic-minded, and career-oriented skills.


Through a comprehensive curriculum and innovative research, our department will develop scholars who embody global responsiveness, ethical sensibility, intellectual acumen, and mindful decision-making, fostering healthy, creative, and productive lifestyles. Our students will determine their own paths while forging new paths for future generations. Thus, we strive to develop those who are recognized as exemplary and civically-engaged individuals, not just educated ones.


Requirements for matriculation in and graduation from SSU are in accordance with published regulations of the Board of Regents.