Advising FAQ

How many hours are required to complete a Mass Communication degree?

125 hours for students who enrolled in the program before Fall 2018.
122 hours for students who enrolled in the program beginning Fall 2018.

What is my degree called?

Baccalaureate Degree in Mass Communications.

What does it mean?

The noun “baccalaureate” means the same thing as a bachelor’s degree. It typically refers to an undergraduate college degree that takes four-five years to complete.

Can I pass with a D in the general electives?

Yes, you can pass with a D in the general electives (9 hours).

Do I need to get a minor?

A minor is not required; however, those 15 hours are not waived. You should still complete that section accordingly. Mass communications majors can select a minor (15 credit hours) from one of the many minor programs offered by the university. Students who choose not to minor in a specific discipline can instead complete 15 credit hours outside the mass communications major. At least three of the courses must be 3000 level or higher. Should a student decide to complete the five courses in place of a 15-credit hour minor, the student can earn only one “D” in one of the five courses. The student must earn a grade of “C” or better in the remaining four courses.

Can I use a COMM course in my general electives?

Yes, you can have up to one COMM course in your general electives if it is not a required course in your track. You must earn a C or higher in it. No more than one COMM course can count as a general elective to be used toward graduation.