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The Department of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Wellness offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on the holistic development and growth of the conscientious learner. By fostering creative expression and performance, critical thinking and communication, philosophical reflection, ethical responsibility, and practices of healthful living, our department facilitates learning environments that prepare students for an authentic application of artistic, civic-minded, and career-oriented skills.

Visual and Performing Arts Program

The Department of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Wellness offers courses leading to the (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in the Visual and Performing Arts. The Visual and Performing Arts program also delivers fine arts courses as fulfillment of core requirements, as electives, and as advanced courses leading to a minor (15 credit hours) in Visual and Performing Arts. Students of all disciplines collaborate on productions and other related projects throughout the year threading connections throughout the arts. The program also provides opportunities for student engagement in the Visual and Performing Arts through recitals, concerts, theatrical and dance productions, visual art exhibitions, festivals, open studios, visiting artists, community outreach, study abroad, public/private partnerships, internships, conferences and guest lectures.

The Visual and Performing Arts program provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum in music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. The program utilizes individualized instruction to develop aesthetic and technical competency, a global perspective on the arts and an appreciation of diverse modes of expression. Building on the robust artistic culture of the community and region, the program encourages collaboration, creating opportunities for students to exhibit their creative skills and to explore varied careers in the visual and performing arts.

Music education is part of the Visual and Performing Arts degree program offered in collaboration with the Department of Teacher Education. Music Education (P-12) which is accredited by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) PSC accredited to offer three concentrations in music education in order to prepare students for KGeorgia -12 music teacher certification in grades P-12. Concentration choices in Music Education include: Instrumental, Piano, and Voice. Students must apply for admission to the Teacher Preparation Program to become teacher candidates and should refer to the College of Education section of this catalog for admission and other certification requirements as mandated by the GaPSC.Visual and Performing Arts Major

As appropriate to their area of concentration, students are required to participate in program-sponsored music ensembles, theatre and dance productions, and art exhibitions. As part of their capstone experience, seniors in the Visual and Performing Arts program are required to organize and present their work in the form of a senior thesis exhibition (Visual Art), recital (Music) or production (Theatre and Dance). In order to be approved for graduation, all Visual and Performing Arts majors must also score at least 80% on their BFA thesis defense and paper. Graduating seniors must also undergo an exit interview with the department chair.


All Savannah State Students are required to satisfactorily complete HUMN 1201, Critical Thinking and Communication, as a prerequisite for graduation. Additionally, the general education curriculum Area C includes: HUMN 2011, Humanities; PHIL 2010, Introduction to Philosophy; and PHIL 2030, Ethics.

Religious and Philosophical Studies courses are designed to provide students with a broad humanistic background in religion and philosophy and to offer students expanded opportunities to pursue liberal studies. An area of concentration can be earned by completing 15 credit hours in PHIL and RELS courses, including PHIL 2010

Health Education

Health Education provides wellness-based elective courses for all students and seeks to develop students' intellectual competency regarding lifestyle habits and issues that affect health, quality of life, and well-being as a lifetime process.


Requirements for matriculation in and graduation from SSU are in accordance with published regulations of the Board of Regents.

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