Performing Arts Scholarships

New students are required to complete the FAFSA and be admitted to the university by April 1st. Current students are required to complete the FAFSA and register for Fall classes by April 1st.

The Dandy Barrett Scholarship

The Dandy Barrett Scholarship (Collective Face Theater Ensemble) is an award formed as a result of the partnership between the Collective Face Theater Ensemble and the Players by the Sea. This partnership recognized the relationship of those in the community ensemble and those Savannah State University students that are able to produce performances each year in Kennedy Theater. Two scholarships. Requirements:  3.0 GPA, Active members in Players by the Sea, Two letters of recommendation.

Robert L. and Charlease Thomas Stevenson Scholarship

The purpose is to award scholarships to deserving students at Savannah State University. The scholarship is established and in the name of Dr. Robert and Dr. Charlease Thomas Stevenson, both retired from Savannah State University.

Dr. Robert Stevenson as a professor and director of Players by the Sea, and Dr. Charlease Thomas Stevenson as associate vice president for Academic Affairs. Requirements: 1 Players by the Sea Scholarship Award - 2.8 Minimum GPA, active member of Players by the Sea; Full-Time Student, African-American.