Will I have time for band?
As with any organizations on campus, it is important to devote your time and energy to make our efforts a success! We also believe that the student's academic standing is of utmost importance. Practice is held Monday through Friday from 6:00pm until 9:30pm. We encourage the students to use their free time wisely and to not take academic responsibility for granted. Band is not an excuse to do poorly in classes!

Am I required to participate in all the other bands as well as the marching band?
No. Members participate in more than one band, but it is not required. However, if you are receiving a band scholarship, the amount of your award is determined by your participation, so the more bands you join, the more money you can receive.

Are there a band dues?
Yes! Band dues varies from year to year. The dues pay for the member's personal band attire (wind suit, shoes, hat, spats, t-shirt, and travel bag); the offical uniform is not counted in the attire as this is provided by the University. The products are of high quality and are the member's personal items to keep.

Am I required to register for band as a class?
Yes. You are required to register for band as a class. You will receive one (1) unit of credit per semester. Course numbers are available in the Schedule of Classes. In the rare case of class scheduling conflicts, exceptions may be made by consulting with the Director of University Bands.

If I am admitted into the Danceline or Color Guard, is it expensive?
No. Both auxiliary groups are relatively affordable for college students. You do not have to purchase uniforms and flag equipment, like at other schools. Those items are purchased by University Bands and are the property of the band program. Auxiliary members are only financially responsible for band dues, hair and makeup materials, footwear, stockings, and other incidentals where appropriate.

I attend a local college/university. Can I join the Marching Tigers?
Yes. Since we are the only college/university in Savannah with a marching band, we do allow students from other institutions to join, as long as you provide sign-up for the course as a Transient student and meet the requirments of the University.