CLASS Organizations

The American Red Cross Club of Savannah State University

Behavior Analysis Student Association

Beyond the Classroom

These programs includes everything from Concert Choirs, Marching Band, Model United Nations, Pre-Law Club, Savannah State Reader's and Writer's Club.

Choral Music Society

The Choral Music Society is in high demand and has received numerous awards, citations, and plaques for its performances. The Choral Society has given command performances around the world, from Georgia, to the West Indies, to Canada, the Bahamas, and Europe. The 1998-99 Concert Season included Regional Recruitment Tours, the annual Black Heritage Tour and Concert Series, an appearance at the Governor's Gala Concert, in Atlanta, and participation in the 8th Annual "Southeastern African-American Collegiate Music Festival" in Columbia, SC. "Spring Tour 1999" will include a return visit to Europe with performances in London, Reading and Brighten, England, and also Calais and Paris, France. The Choral Music Society, open to all students, is comprised of the Concert Choir, Chamber Ensemble, and the "SSU Meistersingers."

Criminal Justice Club

Dance Ensemble

The purpose of the SSU Dance Ensemble is to provide an avenue for students to expereince the art of dance through classes, rehearsals, and performances. This organization will not only provide experience in dance, but it will teach discipline, dedication, hard work, sacrifice, and the satisfaction of seeing their effort appreciated by an audience. It will provide opportunities for them to travel and experience other towns and cities, and countries. Lastly, this experience will make more responsible adults that can contribute to society in a positive way.

Established 1986.

The Downtown Performance Series

Offering readings and performances by students and faculty hosted in area coffee houses.

East-Side Neighborhood Committee

A organization where students at SSU assists neighborhood kids on Gwinnett and Victory Street in Savannah.


A student publication that features student art, poetry, and other writings.

The estuary is a place of mergings -- of waters (with varying degrees of salinity) and worlds; it is also point of dispersal. As such it is a (non)territory of energy transference, a place of initiation; what passes through the estuary will come to know itself as other than it was, will find an identity that is processual and extensive, rather than bounded, riding the rhythms of unchartable currents.

Lifted off the following pages by the tide of a reader's attention, the voices of Savannah State's students now swirl and drift in a larger mind-place; we introduce them to you, and to the voices of future issues of Estuary, with whom they share, in passing, this resonant space of (e)mergings and transformations.

History Club

Low Country Ensemble

A program which includes a cast of all levels and abilities to showcase their talents in celebration.

Savannah State University Marching Band

The Savannah State University Marching Band consists of students representing all of the academic areas at the University. The band performs at all of the home football games and travels frequently to accompany the team at out of town games. Some performances have been in Texas, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky and throughout the state of Georgia. Our future travels will take the band to New York City, Charlotte, NC and Nashville TN. Presently, our growing membership includes 110 members. Throughout the school year, the band participates in community related activities and programs sponsored on the SSU campus.

The auxiliary units include a dance team, flag team and a majorette squad. Try outs for the auxiliary units are held in May of each year.

MSW Student Organization

Mass Communications Student Association

Phi Alpha Honor Society

Phi Gamma Mu

International Honor Society for Social Sciences

Players by the Sea

Program: Outreach

A supportive network of the community to meditate and help to prepare other students.

Sociology Club

Social Workers of Tomorrow

Wesleyan Gospel Choir