Faculty Profiles

Christopher Ide, PhD


Political Science Program

Social Science Building 226


PhD, Atlanta University, 1983

MPA, Auburn University, 1978

BS, University of North Carolina, 1976

Academic Appointments

Professor, Savannah State University, 2009 - present

Associate Professor, Savannah State University, 1992 - 2009

Assistant Professor, Norfolk State University,1985 - 1992

Assistant Professor, Alabama State University, 1983 - 1985

Instructor, Tuskegee Institute, 1982 - 1983

Current Responsibilities

Member, Faculty Senate, Savannah State University

Coordinator, Political Science Program, Savannah State University

Advisor, African Student Association, Savannah State University

Selected Publications

"The Activities of Foreign Oil Companies in Nigeria"' Business Report and Journal, March 2, 2003

"Black Participation in Presidential Politics" Electoral Studies, June 26, 2003

"Economic Restructuring and Its Impact on the Process of Democratization in Nigeria", 2003

"State Policy Responsiveness to Black Demands in the South", May 15, 2004 "Democratization in Africa: A Qualitative Assessment of Possible Linkages between Democracy and Growth", May 6, 2005

"The Impact of Racial and Gender Diversity on Organizational Productivity: A Case Study of the U.S. Postal Service", October 18, 2005

"African-American Representation and Interest Articulation in the Executive Branch of the National Government", July 14, 2006

"Understanding American Government, Redding, CA: Horizon Textbook Pub., 2007 (4th Ed.) and 2008 (5th Ed.), co-author

"Political Corruption in Nigeria", The Griot: The Journal of African American Studies, Spring 2007

"Juvenile Justice System is Broken", Savannah Morning News, March, 2007

"China's Strategic Expansionism in Africa" Chinese Journal of International Politics, 2007

"Crisis in the Niger Delta of Nigeria and United States National Security Interests" Savannah Morning News, 2008

"The Frenzy on Obama: Illusion or Reality?" The Savannah Tribune, March, 2008

"Will Obama be the next President of the US? The Savannah Tribune, July 2008.

"Obama is Fusion of Diversity", Savannah Morning News, June, 2009

Selected Conference Presentations

"Economic Structural Adjustment and the attempts at Democratization in the Third World Countries: The Case of Nigeria", Meeting of the Association of Third World Studies, Philadelphia, PA, October, 2003

"How public opinion impact on Supreme Court Decision-making", Annual Meeting of The Virginia Political Science Association, Petersburg, Virginia, 2003

"The crisis of governance and democratization in Nigeria", National Conference of Black Political Scientists, Savannah, Georgia, March, 2003 (Committee Chair)

"Judicial Politics and Constitutional Law", NCOBPS, Savannah, 2004 "Military Rule and Democratization in West Africa: The Case of Ghana", Sixth Annual Commonwealth and Post-Colonial Studies Conference, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, 2004 (Discussant)

"Public Law ll" Georgia Political Science Association Convention Meeting. Savannah, Georgia, February 2004(Discussant)

"Three Strikes and You're Out", Southern Criminal Justice Association Meeting, Richmond, Virginia, October 1-4, 1998.

"Alternatives in Corrections", Southern Criminal Justice Association Meeting, Richmond, Virginia, October 1-4, 2004 (Panel Chair)

"The Impact of Trade Unionism on Democratization in Africa", Georgia Political Science Association Convention, Savannah, Georgia, February 19 - 21,2005

"United Nations Demobilization Efforts in Angola" National Conference of Black Political Scientists. Atlanta, April 9 - 11, 2006

"Africa's Contemporary Politics and Culture", A Lecture at the Resident Life Week, Savannah State University, April 28, 2006

"A Gentleman in the African Context" Sophia/Sankofa Scholars: Symposium on African Leadership, April 2006

"The War on Terror and the Osama bin Laden/AlQaeda Factor", Association of Third World Studies Conference, 2007

"The Visit of the Iranian President to the United States", Georgia Political Science Association Conference, 2007

"Is Democracy the Panacea to the Crises in Iraq and Afghanistan?" Third World Studies Conference, 2008

"Political Marriage between Obama and Clinton" Southern Conference on AfricanAmerican Studies, Inc., 2008.

Membership in Professional Organization

Georgia Political Science Association

Southern Political Science Association

American Society for Public Administration

American Political Science Association

National Conference of Black Political Scientists

Association of Third World Studies

African Studies Association

Services to the Community

Participant, Voter Registration Drive.

Volunteer Services, The United Way (SALT Program).

Annual Contributor, The Fraternal Order of Police, Savannah, GA.

Participant, Red Cross Blood Donation Drive

Volunteer teaching at local schools