Catering Policies

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Catering Services Guidelines

Catering Services specializes in unparalleled quality catering to Savannah State University campus community and external groups-from coffee breaks to buffets to multi-course meals to theme celebrations.

Whether you are planning an executive meeting or staff luncheon, our friendly and courteous staff assures the success of your function. Catering Services can tailor a menu to match your food service needs-and your budget.

For our next business meeting, luncheon, banquet, reception, or afternoon break, call the Office of Event Services at 912.358.3040 or send us an email. To ensure a successful event, please make all arrangements at least two weeks before the event. A room must be reserved before initiating a catering request for an on-campus function. After a location has been confirmed by using our online reservation system, our staff will help you determine the menu.

We appreciate your interest in our catering services and we look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Event Services Office of the University Advancement.

Planning your Event

In arranging catered events, all catering orders must be submitted 2 weeks prior to your scheduled events. Final headcount and balance must be guaranteed 5 business days in advance of your event. For weekend events, the count must be guaranteed on Monday before the event to allow ample time for the ordering process.

Catering Services - How to request catering services


To avoid any pro-rated charges, all cancellations must be submitted, in writing, to the Office of Event Services at least 5 business days prior to your event. In the event of a cancellation less than 48 hours before the scheduled event, 50 percent of the non-recoverable costs incurred by Catering Services will be charged to the appropriate group or organization.

Drop-off Services

Please note all drop-off services will be served in disposable platters, aluminum pans and beverages served in disposable jugs. Drop-off service will only provide basic linen for food tables, does not include table skirt.

Drop-off service includes house linen tablecloths for buffet, basic acrylic at no charge. High quality disposable ware is available at an additional charge of $2.00 per person. Wait staff is not required for this service. Upon delivery of your event, our professional staff will ensure that all items ordered are received and verified by your authorized representative prior to our departure. A ten person minimum is required for this service.

Delivery Fees

Deliveries for catered events can be made to any location on and off campus. A minimum order of $50.00 is required for delivery. All events held off campus will be assessed an $80.00 fee. This fee includes the transport of food, service equipment (if applicable), china, flatware and linen.


For events that are delivered an attendant will ensure that all items are to your satisfaction. If an attendant is requested, or required based on the style of service provided, additional charges will be applied as follows:

Labor Cost
Wait Staff $21.00 per hour/per person for a minimum of four hours
1 attendant for every 30 persons
Culinary $25.00 per hour/per person for a minimum of four hours
1 attendant for every 30 persons
Bartender $30.00 per hour/per person for a minimum of four hours


For non-university sponsored events, state sales tax will be charged unless tax exempt certificate is received 5 days prior to your event.

Safe Food Handling

Due to standard Board of Health practices, leftover prepared food items may not be removed from the premises.

If an event begins more than 30 minutes after the scheduled start eating time, Catering Services cannot be held responsible for the overall quality of the meal. The client will be responsible for any additional labor costs incurred, which will be applied to the final catering bill.


Catering services is not liable for any equipment, supplies or personal belongings left in public function areas.

Donated Catering

All groups, organizations and/or individuals, serving donated foods, are required to provide a letter of donation, on company letterhead, from the company that is donating the product/s. This letter is to be provided to the Event Services Office at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Donating companies must have business license, insurance, and a health department permit. If the donation is from a reputable company (i.e. Kroger, Publix, etc.), only the letter of donation will be required. Additional documentation may be requested, if necessary. Individuals or organizations affiliated with SSU Catering Services will have no liability relating to food service safety and sanitation.

SSU Campus Departments and Student Organizations

All events which are paid for by a university department, group, or related contract, must be catered by SSU Catering Services. Pre-packaged, individual serving, food and drinks, purchased by official Savannah State University student groups may be acquired from outside Catering Services.

SSU Employee Exception

Meals or events being held in a department conference room, not reserved/scheduled with the Office of Event Services, and personally paid for by individuals employed by SSU may consist of pot luck or grocery store/bakery platters. Individuals or organizations affiliated with Catering Services will have no liability relating to food service safety and sanitation.

Type of Service

Linen and Floral Arrangements

Table linens are provided on buffet, carving and beverage tables at no charge. Catering Services can provide customized linens and decorations (fresh or faux flowers). Skirting and/or linen for guest's tables, registration tables, display tables, and reception tables can be made available for an additional charge of $5.00. Skirting is available for an additional $15.00 per table. We can also provide specialty linens in an array of colors, prints and sizes to add the elegance of your event for an additional charge.

In order for us to meet our commitment to you, floral arrangement orders must be made at least two weeks before the scheduled event. Prices will vary according to your selection.


In the event that special equipment, china or tables are required, we will charge for the required items and add the rental charges to your final bill. You will be apprised of the cost of the rental items when the arrangements for your event are finalized.

The client will be billed for 100 percent of the guaranteed number of guests. In order to provide a quality catering event, Catering Services agrees to provide food and services for 5 percent above the guaranteed number. Catering charges will be based on the guaranteed number of guests or the actual number of guests in attendance, whichever is higher.

Special Event Cakes

Custom cakes for special events (wedding reception, birthday parties, baby/wedding showers, etc.) may be purchased from outside vendors. A copy of the outside caterer's business license and health food permit must be submitted to the Event Services Office upon request.

Non-University Catering

In the rare event that Catering Services is unable to cater your event, outside catering vendors may be used. Clients must provide the documentation below for their caterer of choice three weeks prior to the event to the Office of Event Services. Non-university caterers must also be held to the attached Standard for Caterers

Standards for Non-University Caterers

To keep an acceptable standard of service for all events held on the SSU campus, all caterers must adhere to the following: