Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Center for Academic Success, home to a variety of student-focused programs including academic advising and mentoring, tutoring, the First-Year Experience course, testing, academic outreach and early alert. In addition to these programs that serve all SSU students, we offer programs for specific groups of students such as Learning Support, SOMOS SSU (our Latino student success initiative), and the university's Honors program.

What do successful students do? As the quote from Picasso above urges, they take action. They ask questions. They attend class.  They pay attention. They studyâ€"a lot, and in the right ways. They visit their advisor. They talk with their professors during office hours. They go to tutoring. They ask for help. They set goals, establish priorities and track progress. They stay connected. They seek out and seize opportunities to move ahead. They recognize that they are responsible for their educational experience, and they do everything they can to achieve the results they want.

While we might be tempted to think that academic success simply means good grades, I challenge you instead to see good grades as the byproductâ€"not the definitionâ€"of success. Instead, consider each learning experience as an opportunity to gain new knowledge, new skills, new perspectives. See each challenge as a chance to become a deeper thinker, a better problem-solver, a stronger learner.  Take small daily steps toward your most audacious goals. Find people (like those of us in CAS) who are excited about your vision for your future and will hold you accountable for bringing it to reality. In doing so, you will undoubtedly perform well in your classes, because you will bring purpose and focus to each task.  But your success will be so much greater than what's on your transcript. It will be the kind of success that will carry you forward for a lifetime.

In the Center for Academic Success, we support students throughout their academic journey, whether that means transitioning into college, setting goals, establishing strong academic habits, or getting back on track when difficulties arise. We have something to offer students of every major, every classification, every GPA. You can learn more about what we offer through this website or by contacting any of our staff.  Each member of the CAS team is passionate about helping students make the most of their education. We want you to discover all that is best within you, and we're here to help make those discoveries possible.

"Action is the fundamental key to success." â€" Pablo Picasso