Kennedy Fine Arts Building

2022-2023 Elective Fees

Elective Fees are miscellaneous fees and fines that are dependent on situation and not assessed to all students. Admissions and Parking fees are not assessed towards the student account and cannot be paid with financial aid resources.
Admission Fee (Undergraduate Students) $20.00
Biology Major Field Test $25.00
Graduation Fee $50.00 Per Occurrence
Housing- Winter Break Stay Over Fee $250.00
Housing Application Fee $50.00 Per Occurrence
ID Replacement Fine $35.00 Per Occurrence
Key Replacement Fine $50.00 Per Occurrence
Late Graduation Fee $100.00 Per Semester
Late Registration - Returning Students $100.00
Laundry Fee $35.00
Library Fine $15.00
New Student Orientation Fee $75.00
Parking Decal-Commuters $60.00 Per Year
Parking Decal-General $95.00 Per Year
Parking Decal-Reserved $180.00 Per Year
Parking Decal-Residents $60.00 Per Year
Parking Fine-Angled Parking $25.00
Parking Fine-Blocking $44.00
Parking Fine-Boot Stolen $550.00
Parking Fine-Boot Tampering $60.00
Parking Fine-Booted Vehicle $65.00
Parking Fine-Double Parking $44.00
Parking Fine-Dumpster $62.00
Parking Fine-Exec/Reserved Space $150.00
Parking Fine-Fire Zone $150.00
Parking Fine-Handicap Area $200.00
Parking Fine-Limited Time Zone $20.00
Parking Fine-Sweeping Zone $62.00
Parking Fine-Towed Vehicle $125.00
Parking Fine-Unauthorized Area $50.00
Parking Fine-Unregstrd/No Decal $70.00
Parking Fine-Yellow Area $25.00
Post Office Rental  $9.00
Return Check Fee $30.00
School of Teacher Education  $250.00
Science Lab Fee $50.00
Studio Art Course Fee $50.00
Studio Music Course Fee $50.00
Transcript Fee $4.00