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Transient Students
Transfer Students
Early/Joint Enrollment/Post-Secondary Options
Joint Enrollment of High School Students
Post Baccalaureate/Non-Degree
Senior Citizen (Georgia resident)

An applicant must be a graduate of an accredited or university-approved high school with a diploma. Students graduating from high school less than five years ago must satisfy the required number of College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) courses as defined by the Georgia Board of Regents. The following high school courses are required to complete the CPC requirements:

Required High School Courses
UnitsInstructional Emphasis and Courses
English 4 Grammar and usage, Literature (American and World), Advanced composition skills
Mathematics 4 Algebra (two courses), geometry (one course) (math requirements will increase for the class of 2001)
Science 3 Physical Science, at least two laboratory sciences from biology, chemistry, or physics
Social Science 3 American History, World History, economics (1/2 unit) and government (1/2units)
Foreign Language 2 Two courses in one language emphasizing speaking (must be listening, reading, and writing)

In addition to completing the above CPC requirements an applicant must meet the following requirements, for full admissions (regular); satisfy the minimum test requirements of a 430 SAT I verbal score (ACT 17) and a 400 SAT I math score (ACT 17) and earn a Freshmen Index (FI) of at least 1940. The FI is calculated by multiplying the academic grade point average (college prep courses only) by 500 and adding the combined SAT I math and verbal scores. For ACT, the FI is calculated by multiplying the college prep courses grade point average by 500, and adding the ACT scores which includes the verbal, math, and composite +88. Scores must be mailed to the Admissions Office from the testing source or from the applicant's high school. A limited number of applicants not meeting the full admissions requirements may be admitted on a space available basis and must meet the minimum requirements defined in the Limited Admit category.


Transient Student Admissions
A transient student is defined as an applicant who applies for temporary enrollment at Savannah State University. The student must be in good academic standing at his/her "home" institution and have permission from his/her university's registrar's office to take courses at Savannah State University. The student receives advisement from his/her "home" institution. A transient student is expected to return to the institution in which he/she was previously enrolled. The applicant must submit an application (which is good for one semester only), a $20.00 application fee, a University System of Georgia Certificate of Immunization, and a completed transient permission form or letter from his/her university. The admissions status is a temporary one and the applicant must reapply each semester of expected enrollment. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure he or she has met the prerequisites for courses that he/she wishes to take at Savannah State University.

Transfer Student Admissions
Students who have been enrolled in another college or university may be admitted to undergraduate study at Savannah State University if they are eligible to return to the college or university they last attended and they have the following minimum requirements met:

  1. An overall grade point average (GPA) of at least a 2.00 on a 4.00 system
  2. Two college level English courses and one college level Math course
  3. Matriculated thirty (30) semester credits or forty-five quarter credits (45) at a regionally accredited institution. If fewer than thirty earned credits, please submit an official high school transcript and/or GED Score Report along with official SAT or ACT test scores to the Admissions Office.

Transfer applicants should apply for admission one semester prior to the semester of desired enrollment for ample consideration for registration, financial aid, and review of credits accepted towards core and major.

To complete the application process, submit our signed application, $20.00 non-refundable application fee, and official transcripts from all colleges/universities previously attended to SSU Admissions.

Admission to Savannah State University does not guarantee admission to a specific program some programs have more rigorous and specific requirements for admission (see University catalog).

Early/Joint Enrollment/Post-Secondary Options
Students who have completed the eleventh grade in high school and have demonstrated outstanding ability to achieve will be considered for early admissions. To be admitted, the student must meet the following requirements:

Joint Enrollment of High School Students
(requirements also for Post-Secondary Options)
The joint enrollment program is designed for high school juniors and seniors who wish to enter college on a part-time basis and earn college credit while they complete their junior and or senior year of high school.

Post-Secondary Options (PSO) is a joint enrollment program designed for juniors and seniors in Georgia public high schools. Under PSO regulations, students simultaneously receive high school Carnegie unit credit(s) and college credit hours. Under the PSO program, tuition for classes taken by the student at Savannah State University is paid for with funds generated by the Quality Basic Education funding formula. Interested students should contact their high school counselor. The requirements for Joint Enrollment and Post-Secondary options are as follows:

Students who have not completed the CPC may be admitted for both programs if they are enrolled in the necessary high school courses and are scheduled to complete the requirements by the end of their senior year. The CPC requirements in mathematics, natural science, and foreign language must be completed in high school and not at Savannah State University.

Post Baccalaureate/Non-Degree Student Admissions
An applicant with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university who wishes to take courses for advancement and personal enrichment may register at Savannah State University. The applicant must request an official copy of his or her transcript to be mailed to SSU. The applicant must pay the $20.00 application fee and submit a University of Georgia Immunization Certificate. The applicant is required to satisfy all prerequisites before enrolling in a course. If the applicant wishes to change from non-degree to degree-seeking status, the applicant must qualify for transfer admission.

Senior Citizen (Georgia resident) Admissions
Persons who are 62 years of age, or older, may enroll as regular students in credit courses on a "space-available" basis without payment of fees, except for supplies and laboratory or special course fees. The applicant must be a resident of Georgia and must present a birth certificate or comparable written documentation of age to enable the Admissions Office to determine eligibility. The applicant must meet all admission and degree requirements.