Options for Assessment

For students who have or suspect they have Learning Disability, ADD, Acquired Brain Injuries, Psychological Disorders or Autism Spectrum Disorders, the following options are available for obtaining assessment.

  • Private psychologist or psychiatrist
    This option is usually the quickest, but potentially the most expensive if you do not have health insurance that will cover it. Call your health insurance and ask if they will cover assessment by a psychologist or psychiatrist. If so, ask which doctors in this area are covered. Typical costs for diagnostic testing and assessment are $1000-$1500. There is no guarantee that insurance will cover costs. If you choose this option, please let the Coordinator of Disability Services refer you and make sure the doctor has the appropriate Documentation Requirements so the assessment meets Board of Regents’ standards. Documentation Requirements are available on this website.
  • Regents’ Center for Learning Disorders at GA Southern University in Statesboro.
    This option is more affordable at a flat fee of $500 for the complete assessment. It usually takes a little longer to get your appointment set up. You must complete a referral packet that you get from the SSU Coordinator of Disability Services and return to her. The RCLD will give you paperwork to submit to insurance company yourself for possible reimbursement, but will not submit it themselves. Assessment at the RCLD does involve making 1-2 trips to Statesboro, which is an hour away from our campus. The RCLD will try to work with you to make payments, but they want the fee paid before they will set an appointment date. The RCLD is the agency that helps us review documentation we receive from outside sources and decide what accommodations are appropriate. See website page entitled Regents’ Center for Learning Disorders.
  • GA Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    This agency helps adults with disabilities overcome any barriers to work. Often that means providing a diagnostic assessment. This option takes the longest, but it is a potentially free assessment. Vocational Rehabilitation may also help pay for college, tools you may need and treatment. The Coordinator of Disability Services can refer you to see them for an initial appointment. To take you on as a client, they would need to think that you have a disability that may interfere with your ability to work.

For students with other types of disabilities
  • The following local agencies may be able to provide documentation and other services at minimal expense. The GA Vocational Rehabilitation Services mentioned above is also available to help you.

    Savannah Center for Blindness and Low Vision
    214 Drayton Street
    Savannah, GA 31401
    (912) 236 4473

    Savannah Speech and Hearing
    1206 East 66th Street
    Savannah, GA 31404
    (912) 355 4601

    Community Healthcare Center
    310 Eisenhower Drive Medical Center
    Savannah, GA 31406
    (912) 692 1451

    Curtis V. Cooper Health Center
    106 East Broad Street
    Savannah, GA 31401
    (912) 527 1000

    Curtis V. Cooper Health Center
    10002 Roberts Street
    Garden City, GA 31408
    (912) 527 1000

  • For psychological emergencies, call the GA Crisis and Access Line 24 hours a day at 1(800) 715-4225.