Leadership Development
Center Resources

The Leadership Resource Center itself is a clearinghouse of a vast array of books, videos, and other materials on topics central to leadership and character development. Whether a student is writing a paper or seeking self-discovery on a leadership-related topic, the Center is a quite place to contemplate, write, explore, and ponder.  The Center’s holdings are categorized by:

Character & Values Development

  • The Power of Character: Prominent Americans Talk About Life, Family, Work, Values, and More


  • Black, White and Jewish (Walker, 01)
  • Black, White, Other: Biracial Americans Talk About Race and Identity
  • Homophobia (Fone, 00)
  • Racism 101 (Giovanni, 94)

General African American Themes

  • Black Bourgeoisie (Franklin, 57)
  • The Reckoning: What Blacks Owe to Each Other (Robinson, 02)

Leadership Development

  • On Becoming a Servant Leader
  • Servants of the People: The 1960s Legacy of African American Leadership
  • The Absolutes of Leadership
  • The Provocateur: How A New Generation of Leaders Are Building Communities