Major Programs
& Activities

Fall Leadership Institute   

  • The Fall Leadership Institute began in the fall of 2000 to offer students a reflective experience centered on the study of character development and moral leadership.
  • The Center for Leadership & Character Development is anchored in the conviction that character is not fully formed or permanently fixed before a student enters of finishes college but develops over a period of time and is influenced by the control one has over his or her actions. 
  • It is the Fall Leadership Institute that seeks to furnish educational reflective experiences and conversations on these topics.

Alternative Spring Break Program

  • The Center for Leadership & Character Development offers the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Program that seeks to educate students about complex social and cultural issues through direct service, experiential learning, group discussion, and individual reflection. 
  • Immersing students in diverse cultures and environments across the country to engage in service-oriented learning, ASB is also designed to help transform students into advocates of social change on issues affecting our communities.
  • Typically, ASB includes service-learning experiences concerning poverty, HIV/AIDS, and children’s issues.

Distinguished Lecture Series      

  • The Distinguished Lecture Series is another way in which the Center for Leadership & Character Development in collaboration with the Student Government Association seeks to provide students with opportunities to explore their understandings of leadership. 
  • Through a diverse group of accomplished, nationally known speakers, students will have the opportunity to hear and contemplate multiple perspectives on leadership, character, ethics, society, and a number of issues germane to developing leadership knowledge, skill, and effectiveness. 
  • Previous speakers include Dr. Bernice Berry, Dr. Na'im Akbar, Kevin Powell, Toni Blackman, Rae Lewis-Thornton, Chuck D, Ayinde Jean-Baptiste, Rev. Bernice King, Jane Elliott, Judge Marilyn Milian, Dr. Tonea Stewart, Dr. Cornell West, and Susan L. Taylor.