Gamma Zeta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc
P.O. Box 40132
Savannah, GA 31404


Culture For Service and Service for Humanity

How To Join

Phi Beta Sigma is the premier fraternal organization at Savannah State University. The brothers pride themselves on being the very best in classroom, community, and university. If you are interested in becoming one of the elite, feel free to approach any brother or attend our next interest meeting. Phi Beta Sigma Prides itself on being a diverse organization dedicated to uplifting our community.

Why Should I Join?

The myths and stories of fraternal organizations intrigue the minds of young collegiate men. However, when choosing your path of the divine ask yourself; Who supports our community and university, who works hard in ensuring that our youth are being guided in a positive direction and who accepts men for what they can do for the organization, NOT what the organization can do for men. Only you can justify your reasons for joining a fraternity. The Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma encourage you to explore every option of the fraternal Greek order. If your heart leads you to the kingdom of SiGMA, we shall welcome you and guide you on your quest to becoming one of the elite.

For Membership Information Contact the Chapter President
James E. Lawrence

Requirements to Join ΦΒΣ

  • 2.5 Minimum GPA
  • 30 Minimum Earned Credit Hours
  • Must be in Good Standing with University
  • Must maintain acceptable character and values
  • Must have a willingness to work for our community and university.