Outreach & Career Development objectives are:

  1. Design and implement the Sophomore Persistence & Academic Resource Consortium (SPARC). SPARC will focus on increasing the progression rate of first time sophomore COST majors through coordinated peer mentoring, tutoring, counseling, and advisement as well as, excellence recognition and leadership workshops.
  2. Design and implementation of the Pre-Sophomore Persistence & Academic Resource Consortium (Pre-SPARC) will identify and target area and regional HS 11th and 1ih graders that have expressed an interest in pursuing a STEM major. Services will focus on early exposure to SSU's STEM programs, as well as scholarship and research opportunities through summer enrichment,. sustaining a pipeline of high quality STEM students that are academically motivated to pursue COST majors, scholarships and research opportunities. Pre-SPARe provides the pool of students for SPARC, thus sustaining the pipeline into SSU STEM programs.
  3. Design and implement K-12 Persistence & Academic Resource Consortium K- 12PARC) will focus on collaborative outreach to increase awareness and participation in STEM related competitions, activities, events, workshops, and summer enrichment. Summer enrichment curricula will focus on cutting edge STEM subjects and topics, including but not limited to: (1) Alternative Energy, (2) Robotics, (3) Civil and Electronics Engineering Technologies, (4) Programming, and (5) Remotely Operated Vehicle (Sea Perch). STEM 360 will establish collaborative summer enrichment with the SSU JETS program, SECME Inc., The Robotics Alliance of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc., local and regional Boards of Education, as well as community agencies that provide services to K-12 students. The K-12PARC provides the pool of students for Pre-SPARC thus sustaining the pipeline into the SSU STEM programs.