Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) Preconditions

GaPSC Preconditions

Savannah State University's (SSU) School of Teacher Education is currently seeking developmental approval for education programs from Georgia's Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). Approval will allow certification of SSU's teacher education graduates by the State of Georgia based on the GaPSC's recommendation.


Links to key exhibits that provide evidence to support GaPSC Preconditions are listed below:

  1. PRECONDITION #1 - The institution/agency recognizes a professional education unit that has responsibility and authority for the preparation of teachers and other school professionals, and identifies a unit head such as a dean, director, or chair.

1.1 University President letter

1.2 Head of professional education unit job description

1.3 Board of Regents letter of approval

1.4 List of professional education programs

1.5 School of Teacher Education organization chart

  1. PRECONDITION #2 - Written policies and procedures guide the operations of the unit and include published criteria for admission to and exit from all initial and advanced educator preparation programs.

2.1 Written Policies and Handbooks

      2.12 Operational Policies, Procedures, and Program Handbook

      2.13 University faculty handbook

      2.14 Unit Faculty Handbook Procedures

      2.15 Student Teaching Handbook Procedures

      2.16 Student Catalog

      2.17 Assessment System Overview Handbook

2.2 Public Links to Teacher Education

      2.21 Admission and exit requirements

      2.22 Retention and graduation special programs

  1. PRECONDITION #3 - The unit has a well developed conceptual framework that establishes the shared vision for a unit’s efforts in preparing educators to work in P-12 schools and provides direction for programs, courses, teaching, candidate performance, scholarship, service, and unit accountability.

3.1 Conceptual Framework

3.2 University Vision and Mission

3.3 Unit Philosophy and Goals to support its Conceptual Framework

      3.32 Unit Purpose

      3.33 Unit Goals/Assessment

3.4 Knowledge bases, theories, research, practice, and policies

3.5 Candidate proficiencies

     3.51 University & Unit Mission, Values, Strategic .., Alignment

     3.52 Unit Goals & Objectives

     3.53 Candidate proficiencies aligned with state & nat'l teaching standards

     3.54 Crosswalk between (GFT) & Ga CLASS Keys

3.6 Summarized description Unit assessment system

     3.61 Description of transition points

     3.62 Key assessment checkpoints

     3.63 Process for assuring assessments are fair, accurate,consistent, and free from bias

     3.64 System for handling candidate who have not met expectations

     3.65 Plan for evaluating unit operations

     3.66 Sytem for evaluating unit operations & quality of graduates

     3.67 Summarizing candidate performance for admission into programs

     3.68 Summarizing candidate performance at exit

4. PRECONDITION #4 - Institutions/agencies eligible for regional accreditation are accredited without probation or an equivalent status by the appropriate  accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

               4.1a Accreditation letter indicating institutional accreditation status



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