Veterans Affairs

Savannah State University is proud of its affiliation with the United States Military. We welcome those who have served and hope to make your transition into the academic environ and your career at SSU as seamless as possible.

The Department of Military Affairs Office and the Military and Veterans Resource Center are co-located on the second floor of King-Frazier Hall in rooms 238 and 239.

Our program and staff exist purely to serve those who have so graciously sacrificed to serve us. You don’t need an appointment and are always welcome.

For questions regarding GI Bill benefits, please call (912) 358-4205.
Active Duty and Reserve students desiring to use Tuition Assistance should call (912)-358-3015.

The Department of Military Affairs Office and the Military and Veterans Resource Center located on the second floor of King-Frazier Student Center, rooms 238 and 239.

Helpful Information:

Depending on the Program the Vet is eligible for, GI Bill pays benefits in 4 areas:

  • Tuition

  • Fees

  • Book Stipend

  • Monthly Housing and Meal Allowance (MHA)

    The following are the GI Bill Programs. For details of benefits, go to (
    • Chapter 30 MGIB (Montgomery GI Bill)

    • Chapter 31 VR&E (Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program)

    • Chapter 32 VEAP (Veterans Educational Assistance Program)

    • Chapter 33  Post 9/11 GI Bill

    • Chapter 35 DEA (Dependents Educational Assistance Program)

    • Chapter 1606 MGIB-SR (Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserves)

    • Chapter 1607 REAP (Reserve Education Assistance Program )

    • GA. National Guard (USA & USAF) (REAP)

    • Tuition Assistance T/A  

    The following documents are required for us to process your request to use GI Bill benefits.

    • GREEN SHEET (local form provided by the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs)
    • DD-214 if applicable (1 time only)

    • Certificate of Eligibility (COE - First Time you apply – 1 time only)   or

    • Letter of Remaining Benefits (every semester – provided to you by the VA)

    • Copy of updated Academic Grid (every semester - provided by your academic advisor)

    • Copy of Student Schedule/Bill from your PAWS Account (every semester)

    For transfer students who have used GI Bill at another College or University, Request for Change of Training Location or Program form (

    • Form VA 22-1995 for Active Duty, Veterans, Reserves and National Guard

    • Form VA 22-5495 For Dependents 

    A Veteran earns GI Bill benefits under the Department of Defense resources while serving their country. When the Vet wants to “cash them in”, the funds will come from Veterans Affairs money.  The COE (to use GI Bill benefits) is in essence a permission slip to spend VA money to pay for benefits earned under DOD dollars. 

    The COE can be obtained online at through the Veterans Online Application System (VONAPP). It will detail how many months of benefits and the percentage of payout the Vet has earned. For benefits to be transferred to dependents, the sponsor must apply for a new COE in the student’s name via the VONAPP process.

    • A GI Bill benefits package may be submitted as soon as classes are open for registration.

    • All payments from the VA will come by Electronic Transfer of Funds (Direct Deposit) either directly to SSU or to the Student. No paper checks will be sent.

    • All students will be initially certified to the VA for $ 0.00. This will cause the VA to release MHA payments directly to the student at the earliest possible date (no earlier than a week prior to the semester start date). The closer to school start the package is submitted, the longer it will take for the VA to process your request and issue payment.

    • Approximately 3 weeks into the semester, when all charges and credits have been applied to the student’s bill, a second Certification will be submitted to the VA for Chapter 33 students detailing the actual Tuition and Fees charges. This will cause the VA to issue payment directly to SSU for Tuition and Fees and a payment directly to the student for their book stipend. Students should initially be prepared to pay for their books from other funds and be reimbursed once the VA pays.

    • Students who receive scholarship, grant or other outside money specifically intended to be used to pay for Tuition and Fees (Hope, ROTC Scholarships, Tuition Assistance, SEIS Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, Georgia Military Scholarship, Military Scholar, ACCEL, GO ARMY or Employment Tuition Assistance) will have their GI Bill Tuition and Fees payment reduced by the combined amount of these funds. Any Tuition and Fees charges not covered by these funds will be paid by the VA to the limit of the Vets benefit award. MHA and Book Stipend payments will not be affected. This action was taken by the VA in 2011 to prevent duplication and overpayment of Tuition and Fees to the student from multiple sources.
    • Students relying on VA provided funds to cover school costs must execute an AGREEMENT TO PAY FORM in the Bursar’s office on the First floor of King Hall no earlier than 48 hours after submission and acceptance of their benefits package to the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs. This document will exempt eligible students from eviction from both Classes and Housing for non-payment of charges by the due date.

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