2014 Urban Planning Conference

Provost Verret gave his remark in the 2013 Urban Planning Conference

The 2014 Urban Planning Conference will present two Urban Planning Awards on April 16, 2014:

  1. Urban Planning Award for Structural Resilience is given to recognize outstanding contribution to structurall resilience of a location or facility in the coastal Georgia area. This award focuses on design and development work. Examples include structural resilience work related to cultural or historic structures or areas; public infrastructure; stormwater management; flood mitigation; shoreline or wetlands protection; parks/open space; or similar initiatives.
  2. Urban Planning Award for Community Resilience is given to recognize outstanding contribution to community resilience through improved understanding of hazards, disaster mitigation or preparedness, or planning for the broad or special communities. This award focuses on planning initiatives or related activities (non-structural). Examples include risk assessment; research; public awareness, education and training; prevention, protection, and mitigation planning; land use policy; preparedness for disaster response and recovery; or continuity planning.

Nomination and Eligibility

Nominations will be sought from a wide range of Savannah, Chatham County and coastal Georgia and state organizations. The award selection committee will review nominating information provided and collect additional information. The award selection committee is made up of seven members including two members of the conference organizing committee and five members of the broader community.


  • Architectural/engineering/planning firms or organizations
  • Non profits
  • For-profits (construction, development, etc.)
  • State, county, and municipal departments/agencies/offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Individuals from any of the above

Call for Nominations