2017 Urban Planning Conference

Equity Planning: Creating Diverse and Inclusive Communities

Savannah State University
March 31st, 2017

Call for abstracts:
This year’s conference will focus on equity planning to address the widening gap between prosperous communities and those that continue to be disenfranchised.  Despite the growth and positive transformation that have occurred in many rural and urban areas over the past few decades, a significant segment of the American population live in substandard conditions. As planning professionals, it is crucial that we promote equitable development and advocate for policies and practices that mitigate systemic inequities in housing, transportation, economic opportunities, and living environments.

Abstracts are welcome from all areas of planning practice and research, particularly those that approach contemporary planning from historically, culturally, and/or socially-informed perspectives. Substantive and methodological topics are entirely open.

We are particularly interested in case studies, research, and practice that incorporates existing and/or historical precedents in any area of planning, design, or policy related to urban spaces with directions for the future. In addition to individual abstracts, we also welcome proposals for pre-organized sessions, round-tables, tours, and workshops. This conference is an opportunity to tap-into knowledge that can better inform future planning. We are seeking historically-informed submissions addressing planning practice, research, and/or pedagogy across a wide range of topics, including:


Please limit abstracts to between 300-500 words and include relevant contact information for primary authors/presenters. Direct any questions and abstract submissions to Dr. Deden Rukmana at rukmanad@savannahstate.edu. Abstracts are due by January 31st, 2017 in .doc or .pdf format.