Upward Bound SSU Junior Engineering and Technology Summer Program (JETS)







Savannah State University, is conducting the Upward Bound Junior Engineering and Technology summer program (JETS). This high quality program will nurture the top 24 academically talented high school students' interests in engineering and science through hands-on activities/field trips in engineering and technology disciplines. 

Only students currently enrolled in the Upward Bound Program at Savannah State University are eligible to apply for the JETS program at Savannah State University.


Junior Engineering and Technology Summer Program (JETS)

Savannah State University (SSU) a senior unit of the University System of Georgia is the oldest state supported historically black college (HBCU) in the state of Georgia.  SSU, located in Savannah Georgia, serves both urban and rural communities.  It has been the main aperture through which many minorities in the state of Georgia have entered the lucrative careers in science and technology.

The Savannah State University Upward Bound/JETS is designed to generate in its participants the skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond secondary school.        

A Five (5) week summer residential program will include: (1) instruction/tutorial sessions (Engineering, Math, English/reading, Science (laboratory) foreign language, PSAT/SAT, (2) personal counseling, (3) academic advising, (4) career counseling, (5) parental involvement, (6) Engineering and cultural fieldtrips and activities, (7) workshops, (8) mentoring, (9) financial aid and postsecondary admission assistance.  Technology will be infused instructionally and administratively throughout the implementation of the program.

 Engineering Activities



Career Day
  • Engineer as a Career Presentation
  • Video presentation title: Engineers can do anything
Field Trip
  • Local Industry
Engineering and Technology Laboratory Experience
  • Hands-on activities with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT 2.0
  • Hands-on activities to introduce basic concepts of material testing
  • Hands-on activities to 3D-solid modeling and printing
  • Hands-on activities to introduce basic concepts of leveling and angle measurements in civil engineering applications
  • Design/implementation of ROBOT with sensors
  • SAT/ACT MATH practice problems