Annual Research Conference

Annual Research Conference and RIMI Symposium

Local Organizing Committee
The Organizing Committee consists of individuals who contribute to various aspects of conference organization.

Dr. Chellu S. Chetty                                                                   
Associate VP for Research and Sponsored Programs                                                           
Conference Director

Ms. Recha Reid
NIH RIMI Program Manager                                                          
Conference Coordinator

Dr. Sue Ebanks                                                                           
Assistant Professor                                                                                                                   
President’s Inauguration Committee Rep                                  

Dr. Samuel Dolo
Assistant Professor
President’s Inauguration Committee Rep

Dr. Lisa Yount                                                                             
QEP Director                                                                                                                              
QEP Representative                                                                   

Mr. Kenneth Williams
MAGEC-STEM Plus Program Manager
STEM Programs Representative

Faculty Representatives

Dr. Carlos Aparicio                                                                                                             
Social & Behavioral Sciences Department Liaison                    

Dr. Anshu Arora
Marketing Department Liaison

Prof. Emily Bentley                                                                                                                 
Political Science & Public Affairs Department Liaison               

Dr. Tamara Friedrich
Management Department Liaison

Dr. Shinaz Jindani                                                                                                                     
Social Work Department Liaison                                                

Dr. Karla Sue Marriott
Natural Sciences Department Liaison

Dr. Mohammed Mustafa                                                                                                     
Engineering & Mathematics Department Liaison                       

Dr. Carol Pride
Marine Science Department Liaison

Dr. Jun Wu                                                                        
General COBA Liaison