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The Travel Card (Travel Card Overview), issued by American Express, provides State employees who travel regularly on State business an alternative to using personal credit cards, personal funds, or cash advances from the Agency or University. Employees can use the card for airline tickets, rental cars and associated fuel costs, ground transportation (e.g. airport shuttles), lodging, and meals. The employee receives reimbursement for expenses through normal travel reimbursement procedures and makes payment directly to American Express by due date. The State of Georgia does not incur any liability associated with the use of the card.  Any fees incurred by the cardholder are the responsibility of the cardholder.


Employees wishing to apply for the American Express State Travel Card must complete traveler profile and the application. After obtaining the appropriate signatures, please mail the form in a closed envelope to:


University Travel Card Program
Business & Financial Affairs
Box 20419


Once the employee has been approved to apply for an American Express State Travel Card, the Travel Card Administrator will provide to the applicant by email an access key and an internet link to apply for the card. Once the application is approved, the Travel Card Administrator will meet with the applicant to discuss the Travel Card Policy and to complete a Travel Cardholder Agreement.


Employees that are issued an American Express State Travel Card must read the State of Georgia Travel Card Policy and the State Of Georgia Statewide Travel Regulations.

Employees that are issued an American Express State Travel Card must adhere to and be knowledgeable of the following:


Cardholder Responsibilities

The travel cardholder has certain responsibilities which include:


  • Protection of card -- The cardholder must protect the security of the Travel Card and the Travel Card number at all times. No one may use the card but the person whose name is shown on the card. If the card is compromised or the card is lost/stolen, the cardholder must contact the Travel Card Administrator at Savannah State University on the first available business day during normal business hours at 912-358-4052.
  • Monthly Reconciliations -- The cardholder is responsible¬† ¬†for completing the monthly Activity Log for the American Express Travel Card. The cardholder must verify each transaction against the card statement to ensure valid charges are made to the account. Refer to Management Your Card Account (MYCA) document
  • Supervisor Approval -- This individual must be a Dean, Director, Department Head or direct supervisor of the cardholder. The cardholder cannot be the approver of their own card. The approver must ensure the following:
    • Reviewing the Activity Log and ensuring all the charges made by the cardholder are appropriate.
    • Identify any violations and discuss them with the cardholder. Discussions should be documented and attached to the Activity Log.
  • File Retention -- Cardholders must retain a copy of all American Express statements and corresponding receipts for seven (7) years.
  • Termination of Employment

Should a cardholder terminate employment with the University, the cardholder will surrender the card to the Controller’s Office as part of the termination/checkout procedures.


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