Refund Process

Qualified students can receive a refund from their student accounts when a credit balance is present. 

The student must register a refund preference with their Savannah State OneCard according to instructions provided with the Savannah State One ID card.  You can choose one of the following two options:

  • Easy Refund (Next Day) - Have funds transferred to the Savannah State One ID/ATM Debit Card and have all credit balances refunded to that account.
  • ACH Transfer (3-5 Days) - Have funds transferred via electronic funds transfer into designated personal checking account.

Have you updated your Higher One Refund Preference, yet?  Click here to login (Savannah State One log-in information) and update your preference!

Am I Eligible To Receive A Refund?

PAWS financial authorization screen provides students with two credit-management options through the Credit Balance Options page of Financial Check-in.

  • By Selecting "Yes," you authorize Savannah State University to hold a credit balance for a future term.
  • By Selecting "No," you authorize Savannah State University to release a refund to the student (in all cases except Parent Plus loan refunds).

Note: All credit balances must be refunded at the end of each academic year.
Any questions concerning refund eligibility should be directed to Student Accounts & Cashiering.

When Will I Receive My Student Refund?

All student refunds will be processed after the semester begins within the Federal Standard Guidelines of 14 days from the time the credit appears on the account (or 30 days for first time borrowers). Student Accounts will not release a refund if the student authorizes SSU to hold a credit balance.

Refund Recipients

Parent PLUS Loans:  The parent receives the refund (unless written authorization to the Student Accounts Office from the parent permits the student to receive the refund).

All Other Loans:  The student receives the refund via his or her Higher One preference.