Communications Division

The Communications Division is under the command of Lieutenant Raphael Hall, who answers directly to the Deputy Chief of Police Keith Hayes. The mission of the Communications Division is to provide expedient and courteous service in a professional and proficient manner to students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

The Communications Division consist of one Chief Communications Specialist/TAC Ms. Marshall Hagins and five Communications Specialists, who are responsible for receiving and relaying all relevant information for service for Emergency and Non-Emergency incidents, which occur within the jurisdiction of Savannah State University.

The Communications Division maintains communication over emergency and administrative telephone lines, call boxes, direct lines to other agencies and 800 MHz Radio system. With a staff of five Communications Specialists, our Communications Division is fully equipped with state of the art technology and operate 24 hours seven days a week The Communications has Sisco Video Surveillance System / Simplex Alarm Consoles, and a Mirra telephone recording system, Digital Video Recording System, and Criminal Justice Information System network to access GCIC / NCIC files.