Benefits at a Glance

Summary of Benefits Available to Faculty & Staff

This is only a summary of the benefits available to faculty and staff of Savannah State University. The provisions of each plan described in this document are governed by the contracts negotiated between SSU and individual insurance companies. All benefits are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Regents and/or Savannah State University.

Savannah State University's benefit program reflects the belief that our faculty and staff are a vital part of the University. SSU offers its employees a well-balanced benefit program designed to provide protection against today's financial hazards due to sickness or injury as well as the opportunity to accumulate assets toward achieving tomorrow's financial security.

As part of our Section 125 plan, health and dental premiums; retirement, medical reimbursement account, and dependent care deductions are made before taxes are applied, increasing your take-home pay and reducing your taxable income. While the costs of providing benefits are ever increasing, the University ensures that a competitive, cost efficient benefit program is available to its employees. The following information highlights Savannah State University's benefit program.

2015 Insurance Comparison Booklet


Benefits Updates
FY 2014 TRS Contribution Rates
2013 ORP Contribution Rates
Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act Notice

Affordable Care Act FAQs

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental Phone: 1-800-471-4214

Vision Insurance

EyeMed Vision Phone: 1-866-800-5457

Provider List

Board of Regents Life Insurance Plan

Board of Regents Dependent Life Insurance Brochure
Board of Regents Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form

Disability Coverage Brochure

FLEXIBLE AND HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS  - U.S. Bank offers FSAs and HSAs for SSU employees. Savings accounts can help you reap tax savings and take more control of your healthcare spending so that

you can make smart decisions about what you need to stay healthy.

Website: Phone: 1-877-470-1771

HEALTH CARE: SSU offers a flexible spending account plan for medical expenses.  You will be able to pay for certain medical expenses not covered by insurance with tax-free dollars.  You may contribute a portion of each paycheck to the FSA through pre-tax payroll deductions.  Then, as you incur medical, pharmaceutical, vision or dental expenses, you pay for the expenses on a tax-free basis using the FSA debit/credit card that is provided upon enrollment.  Certain restrictions may apply.

DEPENDENT CARE: To assist with child care expenses, employees may contribute to a Dependent Care FSA.  This allows you to pay for dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.  You are reimbursed for childcare expenses from your flexible spending account as you present claims for payment.  Restrictions apply; for information, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

NOTE: Contributions to the health care and dependent care FSA do not rollover from one year to the next.  FSA participants should exhaust all funds in the account by December 31st.  Otherwise, the funds will be forfeited.  Employees are given a 2.5 month extension into the next plan year to use the funds from the previous year.  However, expenses must have been incurred during the previous plan year.

Flexible Spending Account Information Brochure

Please see IRS Publication 502 for additional information regarding the Health Care FSA.

For additional information governing the Dependent Care FSA, please see IRS Publication 503.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

If you enroll in the Consumer Choice HSA medical insurance plan, you have the option of contributing to a health savings account (HSA).  The HSA is designed to assist you with managing the high deductible of the Consumer Choice HSA plan. You contribute to the HSA through pre-tax payroll deductions.  Annually, the University matches your contributions at 100% up to $375.00 (individual coverage) and $750.00 (family coverage).  Unlike the FSA, funds contributed to the HSA rollover from one year to the next year.  The HSA only covers medical and pharmaceutical expenses.  If you wish to pay for dental and vision expenses, you must elect to make contributions to the Limited Purpose FSA.  Funds contributed to the Limited Purpose FSA do not rollover from one year to the next year.  Certain restrictions apply.

Health Savings Account Information Brochure

LifeStyle Benefits
LifeStyle Benefits Brochure

FMLA Policy

FMLA Leave Request

FMLA Institutional Response Form
FMLA Medical Certification For Employee

FMLA Medical Certification for Family Member
FMLA Return to Work

Retirement Benefits

Teachers Retirement System of Georgia

TRS Member Guide

TRS Proposed Disability Retirement Amendment


Fidelity Investments

Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF)






Retirement Manager Employee Guide

Retirement Manager Website

Retirement Manager On-Demand Seminar


USG Perks

Tiger Perks

Team Georgia Employee Discounts