Savastate Credit Union Member Information

This page provides information for current and prospective members of the Savastate Credit Union. Review the following information provided below.

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Members 755 Loan Rate 2.64 to 18%
Assets 3.7 Mil Net Worth Ratio .18 %
Loans 1.0 Mil Loan Processing 120 hrs
Savings 3.0 Mil Membership Fee $10

Previous Year Highlights

Dividend Rate Oct. - Oct 30th 2015
Shares Rate
$0.00-$999.99 .18%
$1,000.00-$1,999.99 .30%
$2,000.00-$3,999.99 .385%
$4,000.00-$7,999.99 .46%
$8,000.00-$15,999.99 .555%
$16,000.00-$99,999,999.00 .635%

We always pay the best rate to savers. This is just another reason you should add money to your savings account.

Board Members
Alfred N. Brown Chair
Reginald Leseane Vice Chair
Margaret Hunter Secretary
Mary Ann Goldwire Treasurer
Myisha Clemons Member
Chinikqua Beard Manager (Non Voting)
Supervisory Committee Members
Alicia Williams Chair
Pamela Wright Member

Address: Box 20068, Savannah, Ga 31404