Eastern Society for Women in Philosophy (ESWIP)


The benefits of ESWIP membership include:

  • Inclusion in an active community that supports women philosophers and feminist scholarship through our divisional meetings
  • Access to a discounted rate on your Hypatia subscription
  • Opportunities to sustain our unique programs, such as graduate student or foreign scholar travel awards to APA conferences (for students going on job interviews), ESWIP conferences, as well as the Distinguished Woman in Philosophy Award

Memberships can be renewed or begun in two ways:

Through PayPal:

Membership Options

Or, mail a check directly to Treasurer: Dr. Allison Merrick

Dr. Allison Merrick
Assistant Professor
University of Arkansas, Little Rock

 $ 30.00 - 2011-2012 Membership for a Full-time Professional

$  20.00 - 2011-2012 Membership for a Part-time Professional

$  10.00 - 2011-2012 Membership for a Student and/or Underemployed Individuals

$  120.00 - 2011-2016 (5 Year) Membership for a Full-Time Professional

$  80.00 - 2011-2016 (5 Year) Membership for a Part-Time Professional