State Fair


The Georgia Science and Engineering Fair (GSEF) is one of a number of learning experiences that help young people meet the challenges of the future. It provides a stage from which the junior high and high school students of Georgia can demonstrate their serious contributions to the advancement of society and our way of life.

By participating in the fair, students learn how to isolate important problems and how to attack and hopefully solve problems all within the framework of organized, logical thought and study. The local science fair provides the initial opportunity for students to exhibit their research projects. If the projects show merit, they may be entered in a district fair. First and some second place winners in district fairs are then eligible to be invited to compete in the GSEF. At all of these fairs, the student's work is judged by professional scientists who look not only for an attractive functional presentation, but more importantly for the contribution the work has made to new information and for the basic understanding the students have of their research. Please keep in mind that in any competition there is always a small degree of subjectivity and inadvertent inequities may occur in judging. Please remember the decisions of the judges are final.

Entrants in the GSEF compete for more than $50,000 in awards and prizes honoring best achievements in specific scientific areas. Special awards are given each year by government, professional, educational organizations, colleges, universities and individual sponsors. They provide internships, books, equipment grants, scientific field trips, certificates, scholarships and monetary awards to selected exhibitors and teachers. These awards are tentative and are subject to change until the selection is made during the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair based on the projects exhibited at the Fair. Current years’ awards will be listed in the 64th Georgia Science and Engineering Fair Awards Program.

SSU-RSEF will choose the top 15% of the middle and high school projects to attend GSEF. It will be held in Athens, Georgia March 27th-29th, 2014.