Forensics Friday

November 15, 2013

Greetings, fellow Forensic Science majors!!!

         Welcome to another addition of "Forensics Friday." I would like for you all to consider this question, how effective are your daily walks on campus?  Think about all the buildings you enter into daily, and what you take out of each building. Today's topic is walking with a purpose. This may sound funny at first glance but each day we walk past valuable opportunities unknowingly. I know our days can get very busy with rushing to class, printing assignments, missing the shuttle, and the many other things that come up throughout the day. For this week's blog I decided to "walk with a purpose" and check out at least one bulletin board a day when headed to class. I would like to share the gems I found hidden in the cluttered masterpieces we walk past daily.

1. Three STEM scholarship programs are accepting applications for Spring 2014. (Forensic Science is a STEM discipline)

2. Several national universities are offering expense free internships for the summer

3. Many organizations are offering events DAILY that almost everyone can relate to. (There is now a Forensic Science Club!)

         My findings were mostly limited to Drew Griffith because that’s where all of my classes are. Fortunately most of you are Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors so you still have the chance to explore what the campus has to offer.  I'm challenging you all to look at, at least one bulletin board a day to see if it has a valuable opportunity for you! 
I hope you all enjoy "walking with a purpose"!!!



Gabrielle Powell