Dr. Sue Ebanks, Chair

Two types of awards are presented at the Savannah State University-Savannah Regional Science and Engineering Fair: category awards and special awards.  Category award winners are chosen by category judges.  The number of awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd) depends on participation levels and quality of projects within each category.  To receive a category award student projects must meet the high standards of the fair as a whole and be of the highest quality within their category.  If a category has only a handful of projects, the projects are judged individually, but they are held to the same high standards as other categories.  For this reason, not all categories are guaranteed 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.  (If a category has only one or two projects, those projects will not necessarily be awarded 1st and 2nd place prizes.) In addition to category awards, special awards are sponsored by local and national businesses and organizations.  Eligibility varies from award to award, and recipients are chosen by special awards judges.


Animal Sciences
Behavioral & Social Science
Cellular & Molecular Biology
Computer Science
Earth Science
Eng.: Materials & Bioengineering
Eng.: Electrical & Mechanical

Energy & Transportation
Environmental Management
Environmental Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Medicine & Health
Physics & Astronomy
Plant Science

Special Awards

A listing of awards available for spring 2015 will be posted in early March, after award information is confirmed with sponsors.  Special thanks to our local sponsors and local chapters handling awards distributed by ISEF.


2015 Award Registration Form