Purpose Statement

The Chemistry Program is committed to impart to our students, knowledge and skills in the application of chemical sciences toward improving people's lives. The students are encouraged to grow intellectually, develop critical thinking and inquisitive approach to the cutting-edge knowledge in chemical sciences in order to advance their careers and become leaders in their community. We present the ethical issues and the importance of moral choices that apply to the chemistry profession.

The curriculum of the department is designed to teach the basic and applied principles of chemistry so as to meet the needs of student who will:

  • Enter the industry and pursue careers in chemistry;
  • Enter graduate school for advanced study in chemical sciences and related field;
  • Enter the professional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other related professions requiring the basic knowledge of chemistry;
  • Apply the principles of chemistry in the field of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Biological and Life Sciences and those students who are non-science majors, but need chemistry for its educational values in order to acquire a well rounded liberal arts education.

The Program also provides opportunity for research in addition to the classroom, laboratory, and information technology experiences.

The Program also offers a Teacher Certification in Chemistry. The objective of the program is to provide students with the proper combination of chemistry and education courses so that they will be prepared to teach chemistry and education courses so that they will be prepared to teach Chemistry at the high school level.