Our Mission

To achieve recognition by academia, students, industry, government and community as one among the best committed to:

  • Providing high quality educational foundation required for a competent and creative professional career in the area of engineering and technology, and
  • Serving as a catalyst for industrial and technological development at the local, regional, national, and global level.

Our Goals

The Department is committed to:

  • establishing a culture of academic excellence in the field of engineering technology education, and to foster new and innovative approaches in preparing students to become competent and creative professionals with knowledge and skills needed for fulfilling the employment needs of today and of the future;
  • developing and maintaining a faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, continuously exposed to current developments in technology, and in constant pursuit of improving professional expertise;
  • actively contribute to student recruitment efforts, to attract well-qualified high school graduates, to provide advising and supervision, and to promote communication with alumni.

Program Educational Objectives:

As integral components of the Department of Engineering Technology, the Engineering Technology Programs adopt the following educational objectives. The educational objectives for the program are designed to educate and improve the ability of students to become competent and creative professionals contributing effectively for fulfilling the employment needs of today and of the future. Theses objectives are:

Objective 1
“To ensure that the graduates apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering and technology and demonstrate competency in identifying and analyzing technical problems, problem solving, design of systems, application of modern tools, and maintain technical currency and a creative approach in their engineering practice.”

Objective 2
“To prepare the graduates with abilities to advance through their professional career by demonstrating their ability to function in multidisciplinary teams, ethical responsibilities, professionalism, and desire for advanced specialization in other technical or non-technical fields.”

Objective 3
“To prepare graduates who will be able to express themselves effectively in both oral and written communication, understand social responsibilities, appreciate diversity, commit to continuous improvement, and maintain professional competency through life-long learning.”

Program Outcomes:

The educational objectives of the program are prescribed and achieved to ensure the following outcomes:

  • The graduate will have the engineering competence with ability to identify and analyze engineering problems and to apply knowledge, techniques and skills in creatively designing and maintaining systems for solving those problems;
  • The graduate will have a good understanding of mathematics, science, technology, engineering, and computational methods and an aptitude for life-long learning for continuous improvement and to solve current and future problems at the regional and global level;
  • The graduate will develop an ability to conduct experiments, analyze the data for engineering applications, and ensure quality control;
  • The graduate will have the ability to function in multidisciplinary teams, assume societal and ethical responsibilities, communicate effectively, and contribute to the advancement of the art and science of engineering technology.