CIVT 3211:
Construction Estimating & Management
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Construction Phase:

This phase covers all the construction activities which lead to the completion of project envisioned by the owner and presented to the contractor in the form of plans and specifications.

The general contractor, major subcontractors and suppliers, and other specialists, consultants, and field work force play their roles in completion of the project.

The design professional carries out his assignments in the areas of inspections, interpreting plans and specifications, approving progress payments, reviewing any changes, approving material samples, etc.

When construction is completed, the design professional conducts a 'Pre-Final Inspection' along with owner and contractor, and a 'Punch List' is prepared summarizing any deficiencies noticed during the inspection.

The Contractor, after correcting all the deficiencies listed in the 'Punch List', requests a 'Final Inspection' by the design professional.

On approval by the design professional, the contractor must carry out the following administrative tasks before submitting his request to the owner for the final payment:

  • Submission of an affidavit of release of liens
  • Submission of 'as-built' drawings
  • Submission of oerating & maintenance manuals and warranties