Faculty & Staff

Dr. Olarongbe Olubajo


Office: Drew-Griffith 241B
Phone: (912)358-4450
E-mail: olubajoo@savannahstate.edu

B.S. Northern Kentucky University
Ph.D. Howard University
Post-doc., National Institute of Health

Teaching: Organic and Polymer Chemistry

Research: Organic Synthesis and Natural Products

Dr. Adegboye Adeyemo

Office: Drew-Griffith 241C
Phone: (912)358-4266
E-mail: adeyemoa@savannahstate.edu

B.S. Virginia Union University
Ph.D. Howard University
Post-doc., Carver Research Foundation, Tuskegee University

Teaching: Inorganic Chemsitry

Research: Anticancer Metal Complexes; Porphyrins and Metaloporphyrins, Vitamin B Metal Complexes, VitaminC Metal Complexes

Prof. Janie Baker -
Assistant Professor and Laboratory Coordinator

Office: Drew-Griffith 241A
Phone: (912)358-4449

Email: bakerj@savannahstate.edu

B.S. Savannah State College
M.S. Atlanta University

Teaching: General Chemistry

Research: Porphyrins and Metaloporphyrins Chemistry

Dr. Cecil Jones

Office: Drew-Griffith 222
Phone: (912)358-4453

E-mail: jonesce@savannahstate.edu

B.S. and Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham

Teaching: Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Research: Intvestigations involving cytoprtective enzymes and biological thermodynamics

Dr. Karla Sue Marriott
Associate Professor

Office: Drew-Griffith 224
Phone: (912)358-4454

E-mail: marriottk@savannahstate.edu

B.S and Ph.D. University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica)
Post-doc., Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina)

Teaching: Organic Chemistry, Forensic Science and Biochemistry

Research: Synthesis of Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment Agents

Dr. Zhiyan Song

Office: Drew-Griffith 241D
Phone: (912)358-4452
E-mail: songz@savannahstate.edu

B.S. Nankai University
Ph.D. Stockholm University, Sweden
Post-doc., National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

Teaching: Physical Chemistry

Research: Biological NMR for Characterization of Biomolecules Structures and Dynamics

Dr. Hua Zhao
Associate Professor and Chair

Office: Drew-Griffith 241E
Phone: (912)358-4448
Email: zhaoh@savannahstate.edu

B.S. and M.S. Tianjin University
Ph.D. New Jersey Institute of Technology
Post-doc., Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)

Teaching: Organic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry

Research: Enzymatic Catalysis, Ionic Liquids (ILs), Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose, Microwave-Assisted Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Synthesis and Resolution of Amino Acids and their Derivatives

The link of my website is:


Dr. Pascal Binda
Assistant Professor

Office: Drew-Griffith 138
Phone: (912)353-4451
Fax: (912)691-4938


B.Sc. (First Class Honors) University of Buea, Cameroon
Ph.D. University of North Dakota
Post-doc. University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND)

Teaching: Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry

Research: Organometallic catalysis, Biodegradable and shape memory polymers, and Synthesis of anti-diabetic and anti-cancer agents

Dr. Kai Shen
Assistant Professor

Office: Drew-Griffith 249
Phone: (912) 358-4436
Fax: (912) 358-4940


B.E. and M.E. China University of Mining and Technology
Ph.D. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Post-doc., Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, University of North Carolina ââ'¬â€œ Chapel Hill

Teaching: Biochemistry, Forensic Science

Research: Protein structure and functions, nanobiotechnology, biosensor