Computer Information Systems (CIS)


These systems gather, process, store, and disseminate the information that organizational workers must have in order to function  efficiently  and effectively.  Skilled Information Technology (IT) workers are needed, therefore, to deal with and plan for changes in information systems. Computer information systems span nearly all organizational units and boundaries, and their utilization is escalating as companies increasingly look for new ways to use computer technology.

Career Options

Applications Analyst

Client Server Support Analyst

Computer Operations Manager

Computer Repair

Customer Support  Specialist

Database Analyst

Database Manager

Data Entry Manager

Data Modeler

Data Processing Manager

E-Commerce Specialist

Email Administrator

Help Desk Manager

Help Desk Operator

Interface Designer

Internet Developer

Internet Security Administrator

IS Director

IT Analyst

IT Librarian Manager

Multimedia Developer

Network Specialist

PC Analyst

Product Manager

Programmer Analyst

Project Analyst

Project Manager

Software Engineer

Software Installer

Systems Administrator

Systems Analyst

Systems Manager

Systems Programmer

Technical Support Specialist

Technical Consultant

Technical Writer

Telecom Analyst

Web Developer


Employers of Savannah State University CIS graduates include: Savannah State University, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Air Force Reserve, and Microsoft.

CIS Career Paths