Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Computer Information Systems are a key part of any business and knowing how these systems work makes you a key part of any business. There is no business where computers are not useful. At Savannah State University we teach students to build simple information systems, use information systems to support businesses, and manage information systems in businesses.

With a CIS Major you learn to:

  • Be a leader of projects that allow a company to meet its technological needs.
  • Be a creator of effective tools to maximize the company‚Äôs customer service levels.
  • Be a manager of information systems that provide innovation to a company's processes
With a CIS minor you can learn to:
  • Develop effective international business strategies for a firm using information systems
  • Design websites for your online business
  • Use computer applications to efficiently and effectively manage information about a business

There are many oppurtinuties for students who pursue a CIS major. We have informal student-professional meetings, student organizations such as AITP, and research oppurtunities provide CIS students with a chance to gain networking and hands-on experience.