CIS Career Paths

Applications Software Development
Business applications programming, including record keeping, transaction processing.
C/C++ and Visual Basic programming
Client/server applications
Scientific/engineering applications

Systems Software Development
System internals, device drivers, I/O processors

Systems Analysis/Software Engineering
Software engineering, software integration

Systems Programming
Operating system configuration, performance measurement and analysis, capacity planning

Information Center/Office Automation

Database Management with SQL

EDP Auditing/Quality Assurance

Telecommunications Planning/Implementation

Security Administration

Simulation and Modeling

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Technical Writing and Training

Computer Graphics

Human Factors/Interface Design

Business Applications Development
Information engineering and applications integration

Decision Support Systems Design and Support

Data Warehousing and Mining

Database management and administration

Intranet/Internet Management

End-User Computing Support

Management of IS/IT Operations

Hardware/Software Sales Representative

Telecommunications Planning and Management

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design