Brightspace Documentation, Checklist, & Guides

The Quick Start Guides provide a guide for some of the tools and tasks most commonly inquired about.

The Maintenance Checklists provides instructors with detailed instructions of maintaining their Brightspace courses at the beginning and end of the semester. It is vitally important for instructors to properly setup their Brightspace course in the beginning of the semester and retain copies of certain materials at the end of the semester. Typically, the University System of Georgia retains course information in Brightspace for 3 years; any historical data would need to be stored by individual instructors.

User documentation, available through the Brightspace Resource Center, is available on the following topics:

Brightspace Documentation

Intelligent_Agents_Making_Life_Easier Managing_Your_Course_Using_the_Calendar_Tool
Tips_and_Tricks_for_Effectively_Using_Rubrics Discussions_New_and_Improved_Functionality
Quizzes_in_an_Online_Environment Using_Seating_Chart_to_Minimize_Cheating

Maintenance Checklist for Instructors

Quick Start Guides

Checklist Tool Class List Tool
Class Progress Guide Content Guide
Discussions Tool Discussions Submissions
Dropbox Tool Grades Tool Guide
Groups Guide HTML Editor Guide
Import Export Copy Tool Guide Intelligent Agents Guide
Question Library Guide Quizzes Guide
Quizzes Submissions Release Conditions Guide
User Progress Guide

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