The Danceline is a group of 8-12 young ladies who excel in the art of dance. They perform as a part of the Marching "Tigers" Band, occasionally as a part of the Tiger Pep Band, and also as a solo group. Auditions are held in the spring semester for students. Many young ladies audition and membership is highly selective. Once admitted into the squad, strict self-discipline is expected and dance courses are required.





Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a part of an awesome auxiliary. Listed below are the criteria and requirements for the audition process. Please be mindful that only completed application packets will be accepted. Applications will be available in Kennedy Mr. Arthur Wright’s (Band Director) office as well as in King Frazier- Student Affairs Office 2nd Floor (Mr. Desmond Stowe). Applications will ONLY be accepted in King Frazier- Student Life 2nd floor no later than March 22, 2013 @ 12:00pm.  Application packets should be placed in a manila envelope and sealed with tape. If you are mailing your application packet, it should be addressed as follows: Savannah State University, 3219 College Street, Savannah, Georgia 31404 ATTN: Desmond Stowe: Student Life 2nd fl. - Audition App. If you are a current student please write the following on the front of the envelope: Audition App., first and last name.






You MUST adhere to the following for both days:


  1. Solid Black sports bra (racer back sports bra preferred)
  2. Black brief
  3. Tan jazz tights (footed or convertible)
  4. Black jazz shoe
  5. Solid black undergarments
  6. NO JEWELRY (this includes earrings, facial and body piercing, etc.)
  7. Hair and makeup (this is to your discretion, however, please be remember that from day one, this is an audition)
  8. NO EXTRA CLOTHING OR WARMUP ATTIRE WILL BE ALLOWED (this includes crop tops and legwarmers)
  9. Nails (should be cut low. No extreme nail color or art on nails)

AUDITION PROCESS: March 22, 2013 @ 5:30pm in King Frazier Ballroom


Registration:  begins promptly at 5:30pm (please make sure you provide all application information. You will not receive an audition number without clearance)


Interview: you must be dressed in business attire. Interviews will take place immediately following registration.


Immediately following ALL interviews, the dance portion of auditions will begin. You will be given 10 minutes to change into proper attire. Please see audition attire for further instruction.


AUDITION PROCESS: March 23, 2013 @ 8:00am in King Frazier Ballroom


Check-in: begins promptly at 8:00am

Immediately following check-in, reviews will begin. We will continue to learn techniques and routines. You will be given a break from 12:00pm -12:30pm and again at 4:00pm- 5:00pm (use this time wisely).  The final audition will begin promptly at 5:00pm.