of Liberal Arts


Programs in Visual and Performing Arts, English, Foreign Languages, Humanities, and Health Education comprise the Department of Liberal Arts. These programs encompass the varied disciplines of English language and literature, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish languages; religious and philosophical studies; humanities; music; art; theatre; dance; speech; and health education.

The department offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature, and to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the Visual and Performing Art. Minors are available in English, dance, art, theatre, and music, as well as areas of concentration (15 credit hours) in religious and philosophical studies and foreign language. The department serves a crucial need of the University by offering courses to satisfy the core curriculum requirements in Area A-Essential Skills, Area B-Institutional Options, Area C-Humanities/Fine Arts, and university mandated "Additional Requirements."


The Department of Liberal Arts offers a multidisciplinary, student-centered approach to learning that enriches the whole person and the larger community. By exploring global cultures and varied perspectives in the arts, humanities, languages, and health, the department provides the strong foundation of a liberal arts education rooted in the Africana traditions. The department engages learners in a high level of scholarly and creative work, develops critical and creative thinking and communication skills, and fosters a desire for life-long learning, self-efficacy, and civic involvement.


Through high-quality instruction in an array of traditional and emerging disciplines, the Department of Liberal Arts enhances the intellectual and creative capacities of all students while nurturing them as future leaders and professionals well-prepared to meet the needs of a changing world.  By providing innovative learning experiences within and beyond the classroom, the department encourages intellectual curiosity, ethical responsibility, personal and social awareness, and creative expression.


Requirements for matriculation in and graduation from SSU are in accordance with published regulations of the Board of Regents.


Dr. Michael Schroeder and Dr. Joan Maynor
Interim Department Co-Chairs
Payne Hall 124

(912) 358-3322

Emily Brown-Ruth
Administrative Assistant
Payne Hall 124
(912) 358-3322