Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty

Sharlet D. Rafacz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Behavior Analysis

Office: SSB 261

Tel: 912-358-3224


Ph.D., Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno

M.A., Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno

B.S., Psychology, Utah State University

BCBA-D #1-08-4283


Dr. Rafacz received her B.S. from Utah State University in 2001, her M.A. from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2004, and her Ph.D. from the University of Nevada, Reno before becoming an Assistant Professor at Savannah State University in 2010. Her main area of interest is the application of Behavior Analysis in organizations. She has worked in mining and government agencies to address safety, in human service agencies to help address staff and consumer-related issues, and in the public school system at the school, district and state levels implementing school-wide positive behavior support. She has presented her work at multiple state, regional, and national academic conferences. Dr. Rafacz currently teaches Organizational Behavior Management, School-wide Positive Behavior Support, and Community Applications of Behavior Analysis and supervises multiple undergraduate students in applied and research-focused internships.

Research Interests

My main area of concentration within Behavior Analysis is Organizational Behavior Management. My research interests include addressing organizational issues at the systems-level in human service settings, schools, and other community agencies. Specific areas of application that I am currently working on include the analysis of verbal behavior and relational frame theory, pay-for-performance, school-wide positive behavior interventions and supports, and health-related behaviors.


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