Aaron Douglas. Aspects of Negro Life: From Slavery Through Reconstruction. Oil on canvas, 1934. The New York Public Library, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Art and Artifacts Division.


Program Coordinator: Kazuo Yagami, Ph.D.

Faculty: Mohamed H. Mukhtar, Ph.D.

Pedro R. Rivera, Ph.D.

Christina Davis, M.A.S.S.

Matthew Adams

Stephanie Smith


Program Description

The history program at Savannah State University offers a group of highly qualified faculty specialized in the wide range of history fields. With this broad array of faculty's specialization and knowledge, the history program provides numerous history courses designed to meet the needs and interests of the students. There are six major fields of history in the program: American, African American, European, African, Asian, and Latino. With this diversity of history fields being offered and also the varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the faculties, which is one of the most highlighted characteristics and strengths of the SSU history program, the students are expected to grasp balanced and international perspectives and understandings of the human past experiences.Â



This history program at Savannah State University is designed to provide students with an opportunity to acquire a solid foundation of knowledge as it relates to the human past. This is done through a variety of classes taught by a highly qualified faculty whose areas of specialization include African, African-American, Asian, European, Latin American, and United States history. The program prepares graduates for careers in teaching, public service, graduate school and law school. History graduates are trained in critical thinking, analytical research and writing skills which apply to career endeavors.


Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts

History Grid


Core Curriculum 47 HRS
(Areas A, B, C, D, E, and additional requirement)
Area F 18 HRS
Courses Appropriate to the Program Study
HIST 1111 Survey of World History to Early Modern Times 3 HRS
HIST 1112 Survey of World History From Early Time to the Present 3 HRS
HIST 2111 Survey of U.S. History to Post-Civil War 3 HRS
Foreign Languages (sequence in French or Arabic)Â 6 HRS
GEOG 1101 Human Geography 3 HRS
Hours Required for Major 30 HRS
Major Requirements: 18 HRS
HIST 3101 Historical Research 3 HRS
HIST 3312 African-American History in the 20th Century 3 HRS
HIST 3412 History of Modern Europe 3 HRS
HIST 3502 American Revolution 3 HRS
HIST 4601 Latin America in the Modern World 3 HRS
HIST 4901 Senior Seminar 3 HRS
Major Electives 12 HRS
Choose from areas A, B, C, and D
Area A ââ'¬â€œ African and African-American History
HIST 3301 African-American History before 1900 3 HRS
HIST 4301 History of African-American Thought 3 HRS
HIST 4701 African History before 1800 3 HRS
HIST 4702 African History since 1800 3 HRS
Area B ââ'¬â€œ Asian and Latin American History
HIST 3601Â Colonial & Early National Latin American History 3 HRS
HIST 3801 Modern Asian History 3 HRS
HIST 4601 Latin America in the Modern World 3 HRS
HIST 4801 History of China since 1600 3 HRS
HIST 4805 Twentieth Century East Asian Economic History 3 HRS
Area C ââ'¬â€œ Western History
HIST 3411 History of Early Modern Europe 3 HRS
HIST 3501 Colonial America 3 HRS
HIST 3503 American Civil War and Reconstruction 3 HRS
HIST 3504 Recent American History 3 HRS
HIST 4411 History of Modern Britain 3 HRS
HIST 4511 Topics in American History 3 HRS
Area D ââ'¬â€œ Optional Courses
HIST 3901 Internship 3 HRS
HIST 3909 Reading in History 3 HRS
University Electives 15 HRS
(See your advisor for the double major or AFRS concentration
- electives are 2000 and above courses.)Â Â Â
Minor 15 HRS
(Optional, 9 hrs must be 3000 or above)
Total Credit Hours 125 HRS
Minor in History
The History Minor consists of 15 hours with at least one course from each of the followings:
HIST. 3301, 3412, 4701, 4702 African and African-American History All 3 HRS Credit  Â
HIST. 3601, 3801, 4601, 4801 Asian and Latin American History All 3 HRS Credit
HIST. 3411, 3412, 4411 European History All 3 HRS Credit
HIST. 3501, 3502, 3503, 3504 United States History All 3 HRS Credit
*History major has to take both Hist. 1111 and 1112 as world history and also Hist. 2111 and 2112 as
 U.S. history.
*Non-history major has to take at least one world history (1111 or 1112) and also one U.S. history (2111Â Â Â Â
 or 2112) as prerequisites in order to take upper level history courses.  Â