Political Science

The Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science seeks to prepare leaders in public service to Georgia and beyond, and who are able to

  • Demonstrate an understanding of American governmental structures, as well as comparative political systems;
  • Exhibit knowledge of the political science literature and have the ability to retrieve information and acquire knowledge on their own;
  • Communicate effectively about the impact of political science in society and the significance of the discipline in the social sciences;
  • Pursue graduate and professional schools;Compete successfully for entry-level jobs in the domestic and international arenas in Georgia and beyond; and
  • Perform at higher levels of economic productivity, social responsibility, and moral excellence in their chosen field.

The program of study consists of 125 semester hours to include a core curriculum of 60 hours and major requirements of 12 semester hours in African American Politics, Political Theory, Research Methods and Senior Seminar.  Students draft, finalize and publish their senior theses in the Research Methods and Senior Seminar courses.  Our political science degree program allows students to become critical thinkers and solve real world issues in the concentrations of pre-law, public administration, and international/comparative politics.  Students choose six credit hours in one of these concentrations to complete the undergraduate degree program.

Located approximately three hours southeast of Atlanta and two hours north of Jacksonville, Savannah State University utilizes its location to add hands-on experience with volunteer and internship programs to its political science curriculum. Student organizations develop speaking, research and writing skills, as well as social networks connecting students for participation in community service projects, conferences and competitions.  Our commitment to students makes the Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science at Savannah State University an educational choice for careers in public service.

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