Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty

DeReef F. Jamison, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

Office: SSB 208

Tel: 912-358-3243


Ph.D., Temple University


Dr. Jamison was raised in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area on a steady diet of crabs, go-go music and basketball. As the youngest of three children, he was in a unique position to be able to listen, observe and internalize the wisdom of his elders. His scholarly work has followed the theme of critically investigating the cultural and psychological experiences of people of African descent throughout the diaspora relative to issues of identity, gender and popular culture. Dr. Jamison has published articles in Race, Gender and Class, the Journal of African American Studies, the Journal of Pan African Studies, and The Griot. He is a firm believer in the Du Boisian adage that education is not just about obtaining a job, but about facilitating the process of creating complete human beings. In the spirit of pioneering scholars at HBCUs such as Sterling Brown, E. Franklin Frazier, Rayford A. Logan and Alain Locke, Dr. Jamison seeks to contribute to the intergenerational transmission of knowledge.

Research Interests

Dr. Jamison’s research interests are African-American cultural and gender identity, community activism among Black psychologists, the psychological aspects of oppression and liberation, and the intellectual history and diasporic connections of Africana Psychology.


Power is the ability to define reality and to have others accept your definition as if it were their own- Wade Nobles