Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty


Michelle Hernandez-Perez, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Behavior Analysis

Office: SSB 261

Tel: 912-358-3240


Ph.D., Auburn University


While initially interested in working at an asylum, during her time as an undergraduate student Dr. H soon realized she was not a good match for that field. She managed to get into an internship offered at the University of Minnesota where she ‘put electrodes on 8-month-olds heads’. The study showed that although the infants were not able to behaviorally express self-recognition, their brain activity was different when they saw photographs of themselves than when they saw photographs of their moms, other babies their age, and strange women. She later became a graduate student at Auburn University where she spent ‘way longer than necessary’ programming computer tasks for pigeons in maze navigation. But they learned the tasks! Now Dr. H keeps challenging herself by devising activities that will inspire her students to pursue research and raising her son.

Research Interests

Maze navigation, associations between cognitive tasks and social issues, development of effective online teaching evaluations, and continuous and automated institutional assessment tools.