Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty

Davida M. Harris, M.A.

Instructor of Sociology

Office: SSB 252

Tel: 912-358-3233



M.A., Sociology, University of Akron, Akron OH


I have worked at Savannah State University in the department of Social & Behavioral Sciences since 2006. I have also taught at Georgia Southern University in the Department of Anthropology & Sociology, Columbia College, and University of Akron. I teach in the following areas: Introductory Sociology, Research Methods, Social Inequalities, Aging & Gender Roles. I am the advisor to several student organizations: NAACP, NTSA, PGM. I serve on two community executive boards: NAACP & Harambee House. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Human Development with an anticipated completion date of December 2011.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of: Gerontology (specifically end of life issues), Identity formation, Child Behavior Problems, Fatherhood.


Hard work is a good distraction! Scott Westerfield, 2005