Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty

Dorothy Jean Gardner-Martin, Ph.D.

Full Professor of Psychology

Office: SSB 238

Tel: 912-358-3228



B.S. Chemistry Biology     

M.S. Education                         

M.A.  Psychology of Reading    

Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Temple University

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology respecialization, Hahnemann University


B.S.,   Chemistry Biology     

M.S.,  Education                         

M.A.,  Psychology of Reading    

Ph. D: Educational Psychology 

Ph. D Clinical Psychology respecialization (Second Doctorate)

Post Doctorial Research: Molecular Biology

Professor of Research

Professor of Education

Director of Family Intervention

Director/Coordinator of Chapter I Program

Clinical Psychology Internship (4)

Associate Professor of Education/Director of the Academic Skills Center and Upward Bound Program

Instructor of Educational Psychology

Director of Research

Reading Therapist 

Clinical Biochemist (2)


The Effect of Multiethnic Literature in Helping The Urban Child

“Achievement Test Construction and Selection for Black Children,”

Word Attack Skills--Materials for Evaluating the Disabled Reader.

The Reduction of Aspiration Conflict:

Cognitive Test Aspiration Conflict.

Profile of Students in the University of Georgia Regents’ Program

Manual-Parents as Partners in the Education of At-Risk Children

Book. “It Is Better Not To Say A Word”

Hope a factor in actualizing the black male

Reading Readiness Test, Gardner Informal Reading Inventory Test of Language Competence

Aspiration Conflict Scale Cognitive Ability Scale Reading and Study Guide Semantic Differential of Behavior

Research Interests

Minority children health disparities, deprivation and poverty of the language, reading and learning, behavioral strategies for the development of language and learning in autistic and pervasive developmental disorders, and the use of VAKT in enhancing reading, attention, and concentration in children with developmental disorders.


“Friendship-the wine of life”